Saturday, 10 January 2009

Recycle Scarf Inspiration Challenge.

If you are looking to take part in your first challenge of 2009 then I might just have the perfect start. Over at I wanna New Bag Barbara is organising a challenge to recycle a scarf into a bag. I have taken part a couple of times before. The most recent was to make use of photographs within the bag. I finished one part of it but then my machine foot let me down!

For some reason people seem to find these challenges after the deadline and Barbara is getting a little dis-heartened. If you are into recycling then this blog should be on your list to visit. She showcases other peoples work, has links to inspire and is a really friendly blogger. i have a couple of scarves actually waiting upstairs and I am tempted to go down to the charity shop after work on Monday and have a quick look there before I start.

I have borrowed some photos from Barbara's blog and hopefully added the right link so that you can find the original creator. These are to inspire:

Created by 33Clovers. Vintage scarf.

Created by Complete Fragments. Lovely blue bag to create a small bag.

You can use any scarf, any shape, use it as part of the bag or all of it. Use a technique with the scarf such as quilting, patchwork etc. To see the guidelines and further pictures click on the above link.

Fancy taking part?

I have been to an Embroiderers' Guild class today but I will post about it tomorrow as I have not had time to take any pictures yet, only just got home. I would like to try and finish it and take it to our committee meeting next Saturday. Get some marking done then the evening is my own.

Hope your weekend is restful. Keep warm.

Back tomorrow.



Kitty said...

What a good idea! I don't think I'm anywhere near 'good enough' at bags yet, but I'm going over to the blogs in question to check it out. Thanks for the links. x

woof nanny said...

Note to Kitty or anyone else who thinks they're "not good enough"--the whole purpose of the blog is to inspire people to try new things (new techniques, use new materials, etc). It's to get people to stretch out of their comfort zones and maybe learn something new. It's perfect for any skill level, sewing or non-sewing. Almost the entire sidebar of the blog is tutorials, so there's some good info there.
Thanks, Andrea, for telling your readers about it.

Bagladee said...

What a fab idea, I'm off to check it out :)

wonderwoman said...

that sounds like a great idea - i love bags - you can never have enough - so i will pop over and check it out!


jennyflower said...

Thanks so much for the link-it seems everyones creative juices are really bubbling for the new year!

Indigo Blue said...

Hi everyone.
Anyone thinking of having a go at this? New Year folks,I would love to see some New epople commenting so I can discover new blogs. I have 'met' Andrea in Devon last week and I am now one of her followers. I had 40 odd visits yesterday, but who/where are you?

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