Saturday, 17 January 2009

Mug Swap

I have signed up for Jennyflower's mug swap and I have just received my partner's blog address to visit so that I can learn a little more about them. I have spent quite a while looking at their blog and noting a few things down as I will forget and now I am going to have a think. It is all secret so no name is being given here. I thought well some nice person is going to visit here so I hope that they can gauge me from what they see. Gosh that is a bit worrying really isn't it. Hmm... hope it is good. Anyway, thought I would group a few things as a year and a half of blog is a lot. The side bar gives some ideas, but I like most things really, you take the time on these swaps them I think that is great and I like the surprise in it but anything with bold flowers you can not go wrong! My flickr link might help In the style of Amy Butler or Cath kidston and I found some lovely fabric that is similar to that of Cath Kidston in a shop last Saturday but that is for another post as I am rambling now.

Anyway, this should be good fun and by filling the mug with things, one being handmade is a challenge in itself. We fill plastic pint glasses at Sophie's school at Christmas to help raise funds and I always do that as I like finding things to fit and try and make it fun to look at. Do pop over to Jennyflowerblue and find out a bit more.
I have not posted Friday's post yet as it is still under construction so do go back one to read that as there was a bit of a muck up with MY entry for the Christmas Decoration Swap.... how embarrassing is that!!!

Gorgeous Ikea fabric, yum yum.

Take care and don't forget to look further down. In a bit as I have not finished it yet.



Chocolate Cat said...

That Ikea fabric is great - I am off to Ikea this week while on holidays, the rest of the family can't understand why I'm so excited but I haven't actually told them Ikea sells fabric now!!

JuliaB said...

Oooh Congratulations!! you'll have to post all about it! x

SummerSadie said...

I hear about Ikea quite a lot, but have never been there. I LOVE that fabric! I'll have to check out there website sometime. I guess they have one.

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