Thursday, 15 January 2009

Knitting for Charity

All of my charity projects at school had deadlines that were all very close to each other. The Wiggly Bags needs sending but I needed to wait until photos can be taken and I needed to collect everything together.

Then this week it was the turn of the Worlds longest scarf for The children's Society. This time last year I was knitting red squares so that they could make the worlds largest Christmas Stocking. The deadline for that was too quick to organise at school so I did it on my own.

The deadline for knitting this time was January 15th 2009. Much more of a chance of doing this so I enlisted the help of some Year 8 and another member of staff.

So we had a little meeting in October and needles and wool was either brought into school or loaned out and we started to knit. Now some fell by the wayside as is often the case, but several of us battled on and I stitched all of the pieces together and then measured it.....

Can you guess how long it was by the time we stopped?
We managed to raise about £30.00 but there is still more to be sent off. This was good fun but it would have been nice to have attracted more interest, I did put up posters etc but nothing really came of it. had a few promises that came to nothing. Never mind, a few of us got fun out of it so a few is better than no one.
My colleague is a Food teacher, we work in the same Department, and she fancied having a go. Well, she just loved it! She got the brightest fluorescent colours you have ever seen and all I needed to do was cast on for her. She knitted loads considering she claimed she could not knit! on her own! She absolutely loved having some to make her sit down and relax before she went to bed to unwind. She would now like to try something else, so Cross Stitch here we come!!
Next year's aim is to be involved with the Innocent Drinks Big Stitch to make the little knitted bobble hats that go on the lids and are sold in Sainsbury's. Link in the side bar. I have emailed them to find out what they are doing this year and I have been told to keep my eyes peeled for the info coming out later this month. Does anyone else have any charity info that i might be able to get some students involved with at school?
Off to add to my Etsy shop and then some sewing as I worked like stink at work today so I am having the evening off.
Take care...
PS. It measured 5.07metres!


Kitty said...

I think it's great that you get the students involved in stuff like this. I wish I'd had a teacher like you when I was at school. Will keep my eyes peeled for other charity appeals for you. x

Primrose Corner said...

I admire the way you are teaching your school children to care.... hopefully that will last through out their life.

Congratulations on the length of that scarf, that's no small feat.

Gina said...

You are doing some wonderful things with your students - how lucky they are to have you as a teacher.

wonderwoman said...

congrats on the scarf and wiggly bags - its great to inspire kids to take up something new - and teachers as well!


Chocolate Cat said...

5m is pretty impressive! Well done!

clare said...

Hi just popped in for a visit I'm glad I did you have a lovely blog .
Clares Craftroom

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