Friday, 19 December 2008

Christmas Holiday last.

It is Friday and technically the first day of my much needed break. However, as is often the case things have not gone to plan. Hubby and I were woken up at 2.50m with a very upset Sophie who had a tummy ache, she was crying and as white as a sheet, which really worried me and she was cold to the touch. Now, previous experience told us that she was not putting it on and we were concerned. So in the end after asking numerous questions she tucked up with us and I cuddle her for a bit. Eventually she said that she would go back to her own room. 7am arrived and she felt the same and got back into bed, which is unlike her. So I rang the school to say that she would not be coming in on the last day of term. We were all tired due to the disrupted night too. She has only had 2 days off school including today all term which is pretty good going when you consider the hot bed of germs primary schools are at this time of year. So my quiet start to the day was not quiet what I had in mind but Sophie was really good and quiet and we decided to have toast and honey in bed with tea for breakfast. the rest of the day went equally quiet making cards, playing with plasticine and having a go at making a sort of Christmas arrangement together. What do you think?

A couple of years ago I bought this at Creative Stitches. I had seen it on previous visits but then I decided to give it a go....

Basically with this you can not only make decent arrangements in next to no time but with a variety of things, including candles! It looks like this without anything in it and you can fill each bit with water or sand etc depending what you are using. It comes apart so that you can make arrangements of different levels. You can then clean them in the dishwasher.

Anyway, thought that this year I would use those Christmassy stick things that you can get in supermarkets and garden centres. I have several and have never really known what to do with them. So, Sophie and I decided to see what we could do. Hubby came home and said how nice it was, without any prompting (well trained you see) and we had fun choosing everything and cutting bits up etc.

A handy little gadget and I have used it many times. Glad I gave in and bought it.

After lunch Sophie was low again and packed up on the sofa with her quilt that I made in the summer and dozed, so maybe I was right to keep at her home afterall. So I managed to fit in a bit of sewing. Made over the week three bags from my own pattern, two purses and started to put togther some pincushion kits with Cath Kidston and cotton fabric. I want to put some new items in Etsy for 2009. More on that another time.

Off to finish our Christmas shopping tomorrow while Sophie has a play-date with a school friend.

Take care all.


Kitty said...

Awww poor Sophie. Hope she feels much better soon. And hope you and your husband don't catch it!

Your Christmas arrangement is lovely. x

April said...

Hope Sophie feels better soon

April xx

Anonymous said...

there really is every bug known to man going around at the minute. I hope your little girl is feeling better

Chocolate Cat said...

Hope Sophie is well again, not a good time of year to be feeling poorly. Love the decoration the two of you made, what a clever idea that 'vase' is!

wonderwoman said...

i hope Sophie feel better very soon, especially in time for a certain person's visit!
have a lovely christmas.
your decoration is gorgeous!


JuliaB said...

Nice arrangment, interesting gadget!! Hope Sophie is better now. x

SummerSadie said...

What a neat little Christmas arrangement. I hope Sophie is back to 100% by Christmas.

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