Monday, 20 October 2008

Cath Kidston New book...MAKE...

I was looking through a BookPeople leaflet when I saw this....

I have seen this book featured on another blog that I visit and I think it was Primrose Corner mine was already on order. Great minds think alike. I am always looking for ideas to inspire and I also just like looking and reading books like these as a way to relax. Probably got too many books but there you go.

Making the everyday items more stylish.

Customising existing products. I like these types of baskets but never been lucky enough to find one.

There are ideas for re-styling your wardrobe with clear instructions and materials list so that you can check your stash or buy with confidence.

Techniques such as Applique can be used to make fun items such as this cushion for a child's room.

I thought this was a lovely idea. If your were wondering.. . yes there a templates and patterns for all of the ideas at the back of the book.

This looks like an idea that I might be trying. I have never made a tea cosy, in fact I am not sure if I would even use one, but it could fun to have a go. I could always give it away.

Right, lets see what else there is....................

This is spooky because I have already made some egg cosies similar to these but I do like the motifs. Again, there are patterns for these at the back of the book. There are loads of other ideas to drool over and make you 'Dash to your Stash' to see if you can that special piece of fabric.

With the Book people I was lucky enough to buy this for £4.99 when the retail price on the back says £14.99. On Saturday I did see this book in WHSmiths too.


Quadrille Publishing Limited.

With over 40 project ideas this is a fun book to read, use, love and keep.

Take care



momof2gr8kids said...

I GOT IT I GOT IT!! and I blogged all about you!! :) you are the best ever!!! thanks!!! thanks thanks.. kisses from across the way.

Lynn said...

I love these. I am about to make a crazy quilt bag. I love all these homemade items. Like you, I am always looking for ideas and inspiration!

Love ya!

Gina said...

That looks like fun!

April said...

Looks like a great book - but you can't have too many books!

April xx

wonderwoman said...

ooooh i saw this on amazon the other day and wondered whether to get it or not - i may just treat myself -not that i need another book! i love books!


Jennie said...

ooh your pictures of it are so good. I didn't blog pictures when I mentioned it on my blog! Bad me!
Glad you liked it!

christmas said...

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Debbies-English-Treasures said...


twiggypeasticks said...

Thanks for the pics, I've asked my Mum to buy this for me for Christmas and yes I'm buying from the Bookpeople too, bargainous!
twiggy x

Kitty said...

I think that'll be on my Christmas list! x

lesley said...

Hi There
You can never have tooooo many books! And that one looks great. I can feel a request to santa coming on! Thankyou for sharing, its great to see inside a book before you buy. xx

Primrose Corner said...

I want a tea cosy too.... thing is I'd better buy a teapot first,:)

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