Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Christmas Decoration Swap button and update....

The swap is full!!!!

We have 20 keen ladies with needles, machines and fabric at the ready to create a little bit of Christmas for someone else. I am just waiting for some more details to be forwarded, so see the post below to see if I have recorded your information. I would like to let you all know who your partner is for the 1st of October then you have 2 months for your lovely decoration to reach its new owner. Sounds a long way off but time whizzes by. I cn not get in touch with
Dacraftylady so if you read this could you please email me your details because your comment link will not take me to your blog. Thank you.
On Monday evening I sat for ages trying to make up a button for this swap so that you had something Christmasy to put on your blog (and to remind you perhaps as well). Well I was that fed up with the struggle of trying to get anything to work because some Christmas images were on my old laptop and my new laptop would not let me upload, download or any kind of load. I swapped to my husbands computer, tried his memory stick..........well you get the idea.

However, a fellow blogger came to my rescue! Fanfares of trumpets and a lot of grateful bowing from me, Kitty designed and emailed four designs using my photo. How kind is that? Without getting too slushy it is acts like this which makes me like blogging, sharing ideas, receiving comments etc as much as I do. In fact my husband sees how much fun I have that he has joined a blog club for his car.

It was really hard to choose which one but here it is and please copy it for yourself.

So copy and paste to button that is in the margin as it should also have the link with it. Then please test it and let me now if there are any problems. The button is great isn't it!

Best wishes.



SummerSadie said...

Oh how fun! Dang that I missed the cutoff, but count me in for next years swap! Also, the pincushion arrived safe and sound yesterday. Yeah!! I'm writing a blog about him as I type this.

Nihal said...

I was in waiting for an icon, and this is pretty nice! Quickly placed it on my sidebar. Soon I'll talk about this merriest exchange of year:) Thanks a lot.

pippi_plum said...

I am really enjoying reading your blog :)

Pippi (from ShabbyChic Cafe)

Gina said...

What fun! Now I've got to try to copy and paste this! Always a challenge for me to work out computer related stuff.

JuliaB said...

Hi! thanks for the button. I blogged about it yesterday - advertised for no 20 for you but you have one so that's GREAT!! But now I have brain freeze!!! it's the pressure.. I was never good at exams either! xx

April said...

Oh fab - am looking forward to this - taking button to my blog immediately

April xx

Kitty said...

Woohoo - it doesn't look too bad, does it? I'm glad one of them was ok - sorry I couldn't get the writing to bend *blush*

I shall put the button in my sidebar forthwith!


Debbies-English-Treasures said...



lesley said...

Hello Again
I keep revisiting and checking out your older postings because everytime I do I see something I've missed previously! Your sketchbooks for your village fayer competiton are so detailed and WOW what a bag, it's gorgeous. The machine embroidery is beautiful! I'm a little comitted this year to other projects but sad that I couldn't join your christmas swap. Maybe next time.
lesley. x

gin said...

great, thanks for trying so hard to get my info. I was sweating there a little bit. I'm excited, already have some ideas.

twiggypeasticks said...

ooooo I'm getting the Christmas excitement!!! will copy the button onto my blog, well done Kitty, it's fab!
Twiggy x

Nan said...

It's all set! Looks great, [the button I mean] I have posted it to my side bar. I have to say, I am getting a bit excited now! LOL

Country Bliss said...

Great button, I've posted it on my sidebar.

picciolo said...

love the button, I'm too late but will keep popping back to see all the swaps
: )

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