Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Tiger Tiger....

We have been thinking about a certain topic for a couple of years now but wanted Sophie to be a little older and then the attic conversion got in the way.
All three of us had an idea of what we were looking for and decided after spending 2 weeks in Seaford and watching Sophie that now was the time before she went back to school and term started for me. Confused?
Let me introduce .....

TIGER which sometimes comes out TIGGER!
Sophie said that she would like a cat called Tigger, Hubby said that he would like a cat and I said that a tabby was my ideal choice. So you can imagine our excitment when we found this fella on the Cats Protection website.
My family have often given homes to cats and dogs and we wanted to give an older cat the same.

Tiger is 12 and lived with a 99 year old lady who sadly died, so he had been with the Cats protection for a couple of months. Kittens are more popular but we did not feel that that was right for us.

This chap is huge! His website picture made him look like and average sized cat but when we went to visit him I was surprised at his size. he is not over-weight, his feet are big. We tried to take a picture of his paw in the centre of my hand but his claws need looking at first, a bit long. For his age he is in very good condition, lovely coat, only one tooth removed, wet nose etc and house trained.

We brought him home and he just wandered around for about an hour, looked upstairs in all the rooms, found where his bed is etc. Then went up on one of the stairs to the attic and that was it. After Sophie went to bed we brought him down stairs, he wandered around then suddenly jumped on my lap and was there for the rest of the evening! Great, good progress

The first night we decided to put him in the kitchen with food, litter tray, bed etc. Ate food, used tray and there was not any howling or anything. Hubby had to go to Exeter and Tiger stayed on the curve of the stairs going up to the attic and would not move all day!

When hubby got home he stayed there but after dinner we decided to bring him down stairs to socialise a bit. Again he jumped up on my lap then on the arm of the chair to survey his new territory. Sophie would like him to do this although I think he would squash her but it is going to take time. I think that he is used to women but maybe not children or men. After a disappointed Sophie went to bed we brought him down again as he had shot upstairs when someone came to the door, this time I sat on the sofa with hubby and he came and laid down between us and stayed there. So I'm in, just got to get Hubby and Sophie in as well.

Sorry it is a bit blurred but it was taken quickly.

Last night we decided to have an early night but tiger had other ideas. Meowing, wandering around, as we thought he could roam and we just kept our fingers crossed. he came on the bed and started clawing the nice new duvet cover, on the floor again, walked up the bed and along my back, boy is he heavy!. Clawing,patting down my hubby trying to make him into a more comfortable bed at 3am in the morning. So the light was on, off and on again, it was like having a newborn in the house.

In the end we had to shut him out of our room just so that we could get to sleep.
This morning he is meowing, it has stopped now. I wonder where he has gone? Hold on, back in a mo......

ON the step again...
phew a long post. blogger would not up load etc but never mind.
Many thanks for visiting and please leave a comment to say what you think of Tiger (tigger).

We gave a donation to Cats Protection as they rely on this money as they do not charge for the cats like breeders do. I think we have made a good choice with this old boy and I am sure that there will be stories to come in the future.
Enjoy the day.


April said...

Oh he is lovely. Well done you for rehoming an older cat!

Hope he has a long happy life with you all - and sure he will get used to Sophie in time.

April xx

Chocolate Cat said...

Tiger is absolutely gorgeous, oops sorry I should say handsome!! He will bring so much enjoyment to your home.I am really a cat person which should perhaps be obvious if you have been reading of my trials with our puppy!! We have got animals in the past from shelters - they do a wonderful job.

Purple and Paisley said...

hooray for tigger! he will warm up to sophie soon...probably just not used to children...i love a happy ending for any animal...everyone wants kittens or puppies and the older animals seem to get forgotten...congratulations! =)

JuliaB said...

oh lordy! you are making me feel broody! (or whatever the cat version is)! Tiger is very beautiful. I hope you all are very happy together. xx

Nan said...

Welcome Tigger the Tiger cat!
2 of my cats are 11 so I know they can still a lot of fun at that age.

He reminds me of my very first cat I had of my own, his name was also Tigger, because a friend from high school who's knick name was Tigger is who gave him to me.

Then my second cat looked so much like my first he was named Tigger Too, [not Tigger 2, which he was, but Too as in also] because Winnie The Pooh and Tigger Too, was one of my daughters favorite stories at the age of 3 when we got him.

I know you will enjoy him and look forward to hearing how he adjusts to men and children!

Primrose Corner said...

I'm so envious....he's gorgeous. We're currently without cats and when they leave the leave a large gaping hole in your life don't they? Tigger would fill it though. I hope you're soon all settled together and Sophie starts to be an 'in' person and Hubby too of course.

woof nanny said...

Lookie Tiger! I loooove huge cats. That's awesome you gave an older guy a home. Have you seen the You Tube videos about Simon's cat? They're animated black and white videos. Lol, there are three--go have a laugh ;)

LOUISE said...

I don't know how but I missed your Tigger post. Just wanted to say I really like him, what a lovely cat. x

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