Sunday, 24 August 2008

A sunny day and a hubby with gardening fever...

We have finally had several nice days on the run and the crafting has stopped so that the garden can get some TLC.

We have replaced the patio table which broke when we tried to move it, it had more than paid for itself. The past two days we have been cutting back bushes etc which are over hanging from neighbours houses because certain parts of our garden gets no sunlight and is therefore rather soggy.

Here is a picture of a work in progress and not a needle in sight. The green fabric barrels have just been emptied for the third time and I am taking a break from potting some plants. Just look at that strange light, yes SUN! Not seen enough of this have we? I thought that we were just going to give the garden a much needed tidy up.

OOOh NOOO! My hubby has had a bee in his bonnet for some time about the fir trees at the bottom of our, quite short, garden. Her purchased an axe and set to work..

To give you an idea of how big these trees are my hubby is 6 foot 2 inches tall! There are five of these trees but their days are numbered..

In the gap that you can see is the fence and we are going to put a new higher one in, so that everyone gets there privacy as there is another house and garden at the end of ours. Just look at the pile of branches and that is only half a tree. Gosh I think a skip is going to have to be needed!!
Hubby kept going and at the end of play (due to poor light and dinner) hubby had cut down two and a bit trees.

It has already brought in more light and we have gained another 3/4 feet of usable garden.

Sophie was an angel by helping to drag the smaller pieces round to the front of the house and was really proud to help. I will bring an update tomorrow on how things are progressing.

I have also been given an award from Louise at 'The home is where the heart is'. I will post about this once I have worked out 6/7 blogs that have not already got it. Out of the 6 nominated with my last award only two people have actually taken me up on it.

Olympics is over so early to bed tonight!

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A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Great progress in your garden! I am hoping that we will get your gardeing fever soon - ours could do with a big clean up. Fortuantley the days are getting longer and the weather better so hopefully next weekend!

M.Kate said... husband has caught on the gardening fever too, how fun and good for us ;p

Lynn said...

I love your garden! I wish I had a BIG garden, but I live in the dense shade, so I can't grow very much. Happy Gardening,, I will think "SUNSHINE".

LOUISE said...

I agree with you, those trees had to go. We have over the past 10 years of being here, got rid of four very similar. They just take up so much light from the garden and drain all the moisture from the ground. You will have much more scope with a fence. I see many trips to the tip! x

Primrose Corner said...

What a lot of space you'll have now. Was hubby really tired after that mammoth effort. I suspect Tiger will be disappointed... my cats used to love lurking around conifers like that. Lots of little tweety things to scare the living daylights out of. Many a bald blackbird was seen to emerge from them ... Jx

Carol VR said...

NO WHERE could I find your email address so I'm using this to answer your question.

Moving pictures...
found at glitter

Just google it and it ought to come up.

If you have any problem just give me a shout.

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