Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Quilties Shades of Spring - Brown and Blue Swap..

I took part in the Quilties Shades of Spring Swap a month or so ago and it is organised by Lenna in America. I entered a previous swap challenge last February time to create a bag which I posted at around that time.

For this challenge I needed to produce four 6" x 6" squares using shades of Brown and Blue on the theme of spring, so new life, new beginnings, birds etc. I got off to a very slow start as planning and making smack in the middle of exam marking time but I did make the deadline. My entry can be seen here and everyone who entered can be seen here.

I want to put them here too because in the end they turned out ok..

I started as usual by playing with a few ideas and whilst looking for paint for the attic I found some lovely wallpaper which us made some use of within the squares. I also wanted some text so so I played around with some lettering on the machine. These are my squares which were then divided up and given to four people...

I then, in return was sent 4 samples from four other participants.

Kates Quilting - UK

Wil Opio Oguta - The Netherlands

Susanne . M . Wiebe - Canada

Jennifer R-D

San Bernardino, CA

I was very certain that I did not want to touch these lovely quilties too much and at the same time was not about to put them in a drawer for 'safe keeping'. So I decided to do this...

It is propped up on the stairs to the attic and has gone on the wall on your right. There is a velux window so, on most days, there will be good light to show off the work but will not damage it either. There is no glass as the work does have raised areas on it. I hope they are the right way up I based it on the writing on the back. The piece of paper with further details has vanished but I will add more personal details to each sample when I get my hands on it. I am very pleased with it and the lady in the framers was so impressed with it and when I told her that they were created by stitcher's from all over the world her face said it all. She was so impressed that a group of people who have never met had a common interest and sent such lovely work to each other. Framing this work has given me the push I needed to frame some of my more creatively embellished work. I now have extra wall space up to the attic don't I?

Many thanks for the lovely comments about Tigger we have both enjoyed reading them. Keep them coming, especially any stories about re-homing . Add your blog link and we can all visit you!.

A quick update, he played with a length of ribbon with Sophie today and she was thrilled. Sat with hubby and I on the sofa again tonight and came down stairs of his own accord and stayed on the sofa whilst I typed this post. We feel that it is his lack of contact with small children that is the last hurdle but considering it has only been two days we are surprised and relieved at how he seems to be settling down. He is very affectionate just unsure of his surrounding still. Slept most of the day poor old boy so no photos. I am going to be lucky to get any but I do have my camera at the ready.

Lastly I would like to thank Lenna at Creative Challenges for all the hard work that she puts into organising these swaps. Her link is in my margin, because I have forgotten it. Doh.

Bedtime I think.


jo said...

I'm sure you will have plenty of work to frame. I love the brown and blue swap items and they look great framed. Glad Tigger is getting used to you all.


Primrose Corner said...

Wow! you stay up late. I love the framing display idea. Nice for your swap partners too to know that their hard work was appreciated and is being enjoyed and not stuffed in a cupboard somwhere.

Mad about Craft said...

I think what you've done with them is lovely.

When you get bored with it just pass it onto me. It would match my bedroom beautifully and I've got just the right space on a wall for it.....haha

Tiger is just lovely.

katelnorth said...

They look great, if I do say so myself. I have mine in my kitchen, which may have to change as I don't want them to get all covered in grease or other yuck - but they go perfectly with the colour of the walls, so I couldn't really resist. They aren't very near the cooker, so they should be ok - I hope! I should put a photo of mine on my blog - you've inspired me :)

Jolande van de Beld said...

Hi Andrea,

Love the way you framed the brown and blue quilties. My name is Jolande (from The Netherlands)and I am the one who's quilties showed up so late in the USA at Lenna's. Fortunately Lenna has finally received them and guess what? She organized a trade because she had some extra quilties and there are two other 'swappers' who will send me also a brown and blue quiltie. Ain't that sweet? I think Lenna is so lovely and so enthousiastic about organizing swaps!

I love your work, Andrea! Maybe we will swap with Lenna's Shades of Summer!


Indigo Blue said...

Many thanks Jolande for your lovely comment. I wanted to email you but there is no link. You must have been very upset about the post letting you down. Lenna works very hard with these swaps, there are so many going at the same time, I would get into such a muddle. I too hope that we get to swap sometime.

Jolande van de Beld said...

Hi Andrea.

Sorry, I forgot to give you my mail address. Here it is:


I do have a blog, but don't use it much actually. Maybe you can visit mt Picturetrail, if you want to see my work:


Have a nice weekend!


Shasta said...

What a lovely frame, and a great way to showcase your friendship from around the globe.

woof nanny said...

Wow. I mean really, wow. What you made is amazing. Seriously. I like the bird one you received too.
Is this difficult to do? What kind of paint is used? Do you have to set the color once it is completed?

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