Saturday, 23 August 2008

Poll and Beads..

Bit late posting today, staying up late to watch the Olympics is starting to catch up with me but it has been good.

Now poll in the margin. I have several projects that you may like as tutorials and I have not done one of these since Easter. These are project ideas, I was going to to do techniques such as how to use Bondaweb and why it is useful etc but was not sure if that was particularly interesting. Don't want you all falling asleep on me. Have a look and vote or leave a comment here and say what you would find useful to now or now more about and I will see what I can come up with. My profile says what I have done in the past and I teach youngsters Textiles etc so I enjoy this type of thing.

Secondly I found another of my mini beaded purses, (packed sewing room away to re-decorate and it has been like Christmas re-discovering things again!) that I thought you might like to look at..

This was made in the same way as my previous purse featured and I made this ages ago from a kit. that started me off on the rest.

What I enjoy the most about making these is the embellishment part. Get a colour scheme together and then thread a needle and see what happens. No two will ever be the same. This one is decorated on both sides and again could be hung up as a decoration rather than being used.

So here I have used gimp, which is the blue thin cord which if twisted can put itself into some unusual shapes. I have then used beads, sequins and threads to try and make it look as 'jewelled' as possible. I had great fun with this one.

I think I feel that another one should be made, better add that to my to do list.

Best get out into the garden where hubby is battling on his own with the foliage!

I would love to do another tutorial so please vote.

Take care xx


Purple and Paisley said...

your beaded bags are absolutely gorgeous! and any of the tutorials in your sidebar would be great! tigger looks handsome in his pic, too! hope everything is going well...=)

picciolo said...

Hello! This beaded purse is beautiful! It sounds like you have had a busy two weeks!
: )

JuliaB said...

Who would have thought the word Gimp could mean so many things!! I see what you mean now!


Primrose Corner said...

I love your beaded bag/purse. Gorgeous mix of blues. Do they take ages? or is it too much fun to judge how long it takes?

J x

Anonymous said...

I found your blog from a comment you left on chookyblue about wishing you were part of the sscs. I also noticed that you are on the big list of sewing blogs (like me). the things you make are wonderful! If you every want to do a swap with me, I'd be all in!

Nan said...

oooh ahh, your bag is beautiful! I haven't time to read right now, I see I have a lot of catching up to do again, almost a week since I stopped by! YIKES!! I have missed so much of what is going on in so many of my favorite blogs! I am just getting caught up with round one and need to start over again. That's what I get for loving so many bloggers blogs! Tee Hee, but it's fun for me! I do enjoy it, just don't want to miss a thing! I voted!!! [and thanks for the suggustion about adding some flowers, that's a cute idea!]

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