Saturday, 2 August 2008

Brighton, Bodiam and lazing around....

Seaford Mackerel

On Wednesday evening we had a picnic meal on the beach and Hubby had a go at fishing and this is what he caught, 4 in to go! Hubby gutted etc the fish as I do not like fish let alone cutting them. We have decided to put them in the freezer for my sister-in-law and her partner as a future meal for them. Sophie was really interested in the whole process and keen to understand why they needed gutted etc and to appreciate that not everything comes from the supermarket! She was not squeamish at all and was very matter of fact about it all. Took us by surprise, she is certainly growing up.

Brighton was fun and we had a lovely Italian meal in Donatellos. My pizza was enormous, but I managed it though. Sophie tucked into spag bog, who says that you can not get children to eat proper food. We had a good look round and bought a few things. Fridday we went to Bodium castle and Sophie loved it. She has been before 2 years ago but it was long enough ago for her see it with fresh eyes.

Today we have had our first rain of our holiday and after visiting the local book shop we decided to have lazy day in the house. Although Hubby and Sophie decided to go for a cycle ride along the prom. I opted to keep reading.

My crafting has been low on the agenda this week but I did manage to finish some crochet flowers, the one on the right as you look at them I modified and did two rounds of the petals to try and make it more flowery.

I then made a few more and added some button centres etc. I have now used up all of the wool from my first crocheted bag for these flowers plus a niffty little mobile phone cover which still needs a fastening. I may well use these to add to that bag and put it in my Etsy store.

Not sure what we are doing tomorrow but we have ordered a chinese take-away and I am going to do some more knitted sqaures for my blanket which I seem to have been making for ever.
Any suggestions for visits locally next week?
Take care for now.


jo said...

Seems as though you are all enjoying your much deserved break. I love the flowers, never been able to master crochet myself.


picciolo said...

It sounds like you are having a great time, love all the pictures
: )

LOUISE said...

We are having fresh mackerel for our tea tonight. My other half is working down in Dungeness and he has picked some up during his lunch hour. There has been a shortage along our stretch of coast, the fishermen never seem to have any? We love them! x

Kirsty x said...

Hello - have managed at last to find how to comment although I have already confused myself with the next step !! I think the ICT section of my brain has really deserted me ! I just wanted to say another huge THANK YOU for my wonderful, funky diary cover - I love it !! Kirsty x

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