Friday, 15 August 2008

Bead-eautiful Purses...

These are lovely little purses/bags that I only seem to make leading up to Christmas which is probably not a good idea with dark evenings an artificial light but there you go. I love beads, the range of colours that they come in, the shapes and sizes and the effects that can be achieved with them.

I was trying out a new idea when I made this and an evening in front of a DVD with basic sewing kit and my box of beads. The colour was a bit of a risk but I had been given some beads in a bluey/turquoise colour and was not sure what to do with them.

The base of the bag is knitting ribbon which has been threaded over doube knitting wool and then stitched together. A length of the knitting ribbon is then attached for the strap. I usually hang the purses on the wall and they are very effective. This one was designed as I went along but I have sat and thought about others in the past. Sometimes I think about designs in advance but it is nice just to see what you end up with.
I have another lovely little purse that I made but i can not get the photos to load which is why I have two crosses at the top of this post which I can not get rid of (aaargh). These are fun to make and I have materials to make two more. Oh dear yet more WIP's and UFO's to think about.

The knitted blanket is coming along slowly and all of the squares knitted during my holiday have now been stitched together which are shown above.
More about the small purses and pictures of the book commission later today as it is just after midnight, where did that last hour go?
Hubby and I have been looking on the internet on the RSPCA sites as we would like to home a cat. Sophie is 5 now and two weeks with Dave and Ray the two cats in Seaford showed us that she will be able to get on with them. Oh I have photos of Ray and Dave, hang on let me find them, back in a moment....

Dave is sat on the floor...

Ray is sat on the box. They are about approx 8 months old so will soon offically be cats and not kittens. We made this box play den for them with cut-out doors etc which they loved playing with, climbing in and playing with toys dangling from ribbon. kept Sophie occupied for ages and she was very gentle with them.
Hopefully we will also have a lovely cat as we both have grown up with cats and appreciated animals and we want Sophie to have the same enjoyment and learning.
We will keep you up to date with what happens.
Do you have any pets? Any unusal pets?
Friends of ours have a corn snake and it took me mnay months not to keep looking at the tank to make sure it had not escaped. It bit my husband once! The snake was fine by the way.
Take care
PS 3.00pm
Cat Up-Date:
We are having a home visit from Cat Protection today at 6.30pm to see if we are suitable to home a cat, so keep your fingers crossed.
Cat Newer Up-date:Saturday 8.30pm
We have passed the home visit and hopefully we can go and see two cats tomorrow. So we shall see what happens.


woof nanny said...

Do you mean you visited those two cats so now you want to adopt two? I hope I understood that correctly--that is very very cool.

Indigo Blue said...

Sort of. We cat sat for my sister-in -law and it gave us the chance to see how Sophie interacted with the cats. We have wanted to adopt a cat forages but wanted to make sure that Sophie was the right age.

Country Bliss said...

Hi, beautiful bag it's a lovely colour. Good luck with the cats, we have a corn snake, giant African land snails, a lovebird, red bellied newt, numerous fish and a dog!

FazendoArte said...

i love blue hand bag
is amazing
(your translator work weel)


M.Kate said...

Firstly, love that cool. Snakes..yikes, I'll stay far away, and no funny pets, just way too many rabbits :(

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