Monday, 9 June 2008

Hi.. I have not been abducted by Aliens!!

Hi Everyone,
I am still here but I have been snowed under with coursework marking, exams and now 425 exam papers have arrived!!

I started my tutorial as a draft and it is now a week old so I may need to start it again unless I can change the date.
Many many thanks for the many comments about Sophie's Quilt and my attempt at cooking. I I have many things in the pipeline to show you, I just need the time to post them so please do pop back as my rest periods from work will be blogging time.

How about the lovely weather then? I shall work outside if I can.
Take care


Anonymous said...

i am the same at the moment - it seems quiet everywhere on the blogging front actually. Good luck with those essays

picciolo said...

I love the alien picture, but am glad you haven't gone to live with them! Good luck with the marking
: )

JuliaB said...

Know what you mean .. so much to do, so little time .. yes lovely weather!

twiggypeasticks said...

Hope you can soon have a rest and enjoy the lovely weather.
Twiggy x

Jennie said...

Hurry back soon!! Enjoy the sunshine!

inkberryblue said...

Oh boy, do I know that snowed~under~with~marking feeling. May it pass quickly!

M.KATE said...

that alien pic is so cute... take care :)

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