Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Craft Fair and Etsy Shop Up-date......

The craft Fair was rather disappointing. Not that many people came, the good weather may have been the main problem there. Those that did come picked things up so many times and then put them down. One couple came back 5 times and still left with nothing. Nothing was over £20.00! One person was shocked that a handmade, fully lined bag with handmade flower was £6.00! Anyway moan over, I did sell some items, the best sale took place in the last 5 mins and they said that they were surprised that I had done so badly and paid huge compliments and took one of my cards. In fact many Moo cards did go so perhaps something will come of it later. Will I do another?, well I do not like to be beaten and this was the first one organised by a company which tends to do more outdoor events so iImay give it another go in August or the one they are planning just before Christmas. I do, however have loads to put in my Etsy shop and I have already started to put some items in. I am going to plough my efforts into that and my on-going Nemesis the dreaded Website!

Due to the busy weekend I have not got any new completed pictures to show yet.

I do have this bag which I bought from a charity shop which I was going to re-fashion for the "I wanna new bag" challenge. I was thinking of using my flower design which are still my favourite at the moment.

What do you think?
More Etsy offerings next time after I have had a bit of a photo session.

Nannybird Crafts has just opened an Etsy shop for those of you who like recycled items. I have one of her bags which I won in a competition and it is very well made and lovely.
Pop back to view items and added blogs in side bar.
2 people still need to contact me with their address for the giveaway. Any problems getting in contact them leave me a message in the comments section and I will reply to it.
Take care


Jacquie said...

Sorry about the disappointment at the fair. I wonder sometimes if it would be something to try. Some people don't understand handmade at all!

picciolo said...

At least you sold some things so the day wasn't a total wash out, I think you are right, people who go to most craft fairs are only prepared to buy really cheap items. At least you will have a full shop now though! And I love your new slideshow!
: )

jo said...

Sorry you didn't have too many sales at the craft fair but at least you sold a few items. People always seem to want things for £5 or less. I have only done one craft fair and got the same reaction as you, its so disheartening. Anyway I'm sure your Esty shop will look great with all your new stuff.


Sorry to hear about the poor sales at the craft fair, I have had similar experiences, people just dont appreciate the whole handmade thing at all. Unless you are a craftsperson, I sopose you dont 'see' all the hours of work and skill involved. I dont know what the answer is - ban all the cheap rubbish from China? We have a anti-China buying policy in our household!
Chin up, keep up the Etsy - yes my parcel arrived -absolutely great thanks. I had a sale on Etsy yesterday - there must be interested people out there! we've just got to find them!!
x Vicky x


I know all about fairs, I used to do collectors ones with my mum. If you are not careful you get more stuff pinched than you do sell! If I could craft, if? I would put a huge colourful single daisy shape on that bag. Certainly a good find from the charity shop. x

Nan said...

Thank you so much for the announcement of my etsy shop, you are so sweet.

I am sorry to hear your craft fair didn't do better, a holiday one might be just the ticket for you, I know people are more willing to part with their money for something original and unique as a gift for someone else.

Love the new slide show! Look forward to etsy updates as you add new items.

woof nanny said...

Did you get my email about not receiving your refashioned bag info? I always include all pics sent to me, so please don't think I didn't want to post it. If you send me a jpg I will add it to the gallery.

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