Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Hello Fishy Fishy !!

This is going to be my March/ April submission for the Pincushion Challenge. The theme is Underwater/ The Sea and hence my little fishy!! I am really pleased with this and Sophie likes it because it sparkles. It is made of felt and decorated with beads and sequins with hand embroidery. The back is yellow and decorated with a single sequin.

I would like to thank some new visitors who have left comments on indigo blue. It is much appreciated and I do try and reply, but I am having problems linking to Linda, so Hello Linda from me!
Last school day tomorrow and guess what. The builders can start sooner, yes that's right, next Tuesday during my precious Easter holiday! Can not grumble too much as due to a variety of reasons we have been waiting for over a year to have the conversion sorted out. So my other half will sent to take on-going photos which I will post here. Thought it might be intersting as I have never seen a conversion taking place, only when it is actually finished.

Sewing group tomorrow night, Sophie is coming as well to supervise the next stage of her quilt.
Have fun!


picciolo said...

hi, love the pincushion, the sequins really finish it off. Enjoy your sewing group tonight, lucky you to have school holidays after tomorrow! The conversion sounds exciting, looking forward to seeing the pictures!
: )

April said...

Hi Thanks for adding me to your list.

I love your fishy pin cushion - I want one!! ;-)

Honestly - the fudge was dead easy to make - it is just constant stirring!

Love April xx

jo said...

Good luck with the builders, I'm sure it will be worht it in the end. Just think of all that extra storage space you'll have...(more fabric stash).

The fish looks great. I like working with felt its so easy.

Nan said...

Oh, this is adorable! I love it!

I just wanted to say that I made it to the post office today and your purse is on it's way. I do feel as if I yipped you though :(

You'll have to let me know if you decided to embellish or line it! Hugs and stuff, Nan

twiggypeasticks said...

Lovely fishy and those cupcakes look scrummy. Nice blog, I'm going to book mark you so you can't get rid of me now -lol
twiggy x

M.KATE said...

hi there, so nice and cute, this and the cupcakes too, will be back soon, have a fantastic weekend :)

Joanna Butchart said...

Love the fish good luck with the building work. I am trying to motivate myself into painting one all of the living room. Not a big job i grant you but still i need a big kick to get it done

Anonymous said...

I really like the fish, very cute and sparkly, a winner, I'm sure. :)

FazendoArte said...

lovely a lot!

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