Friday, 1 February 2008

Funky Felt

It is friday and even though I have not actually finished anything this week I do have several things on the go. As with so many blogs that I am reading at the moment taking decent photos at the moment is a problem, so over the weekend I shall pick a good part of the day (hopefully) and give a proper up-date.
I did find the following crochet needle case that I made at least 5 years ago which started off the felt thing.
Front view with flap and popper fastening.
Back view which I did try to mirror the front design. really enjoyed doing this so why I stopped there I am not sure but the arrival of Sophie may have had something to do with it.
However, last summer this took shape...
Which was only meant to be a little sample to try out an idea, but I enjoyed it so much that I filled a piece of purple felt and used it to cover a cardboard tube to keep my knitting needles in.
Next felt project? Things for Easter I think and yes I have seen Easter Eggs in the shops! Have not even got Valetines Day here yet and the choccy eggs are upon us.
I have some ideas that I did last year and some new ones which I hope to get made in time.
Well I hope you all have an excellent weekend and many many thanks for the kind comments this week. I have tried to reply to some via the email route but they have been bounced back. Nice to hear from Inkberry in Australia where I believe the weather is HOT! HOT! HOT! Whereas here it is WET! WET WET! (Now where have I heard that before?)
I have an evening of bedtime story, DVD, Chocolate (just a bit), knitting and packaging up my bag swap ahead of me with the fire on.
Take care
Bye for now.

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Nan said...

I realized when I got your comment that I never came back to you yesterday after taking my detour when I went to the Inkberry Blue sight from your post!!

I am enjoying my "imaginary friends" as a fellow blogger calls people she meets on line but doesn't know in person, and am learning more about the computer, for example the few things I have shared with you, I never knew before I began blogging.

That reminds me, did you receive my last email about the click-able links in form of the word you insert between the ><'s ?

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