Friday, 8 February 2008

Bag Swap Entry & Quilting Week 1.

I have just recieved an email to say that my Bag Swap Entry has arrived in America. I have been waiting for it to reach Lenna before I posted it here in case there was a problem or it did not arrive in time.
So here it is...
It has been made out of a cashmere and wool mix fabric which I had left over from my final degree project. (I was sponsored by the high street chain Wallis and this involved using their lovely fabric and I have some left over. I have been asked about the final project itself so I shall try and scan any pictures I can find and post them over the weekend). It is self-lined with a type of machined blanket stitch around the edge to hold it all together. On the front I have free-machined a type of random flower shape with a range of silk machine threads. Each of the centres is then highlighted with an orangey/terrocata clay bead. To go with it I made a small zippered coin purse which has a front pocket big enough to get a bank card/library card in it. There is then a loop which has a split ring and clip attached to it. The purse can then go in here...
I wonder who will end up with my bag. I did put a MOO card and a 50p in the purse for good luck and I hope that they may visit my blog and let me know what they think of the bag. So that was good news.
So it is a quiet night in for Mummy as Sophie is going model car racing with Daddy tonight, so I shall be tackling the next block as part of Quilting February with Sew Mama Sew. Bet you would like to see if I managed to shake off my 9 Block jinx yet?

WEEK 1 : 9 Block
YES! YES! I have and here is it at last!

The photo might be dull but at least the block is not scorched! I have made this type of block so many times yet this one really fought back. The item below went right first time when I made it...
One of my favourites.
Have a relaxing evening.
I'm off try try out block 2.

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picciolo said...

morning! I'm glad your quilting is coming together, I love the fabric you have used in your new block. And your bag and purse is lovely, whoever ends up with it will be very lucky!
: )

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