Thursday, 10 January 2008

Beaded Ammulet/ knitting Up-date

I made a beaded ammulet about 5 years ago whilst spending time in hospital with pregnacy complications, which were eventually sorted out.

It has been added to the following blogsite Gallery. Unfortunately I missed the challenge that was being organised at the time, as I have only recently discovered this blog.

I was given the kit as a Christmas present and started it at about lunch time and completed it at midnight the same day! Yes, I should really have been asleep but by this time I was getting very bored and I did have my feet up.
The link to the site is here:
and there is also a direct link to the site in the side margin but not to the section in the Gallery but it can be easily found.
There are regular challenges on this blog based on a variety themes with loads of other topics in the side margins to browse. Well worth a regular look.

I have also decided to take part in a bag swap with a blogger in the USA and I have nearly finished my entry so more about that nearer the time as I want to keep it a surprise but again you can find out about other swaps at the blog here:
The bag swap sign up is now full but other swaps are being organised and started all the time.
Take a look and maybe join in.
Knitting up-date:

I forgot to say just before Christmas that The Childrens Society had recieved by knitted squares for the giant stocking and my donation.
I have signed up to hopefully hear a bit earlier about knitting to help raise money for next year as I would like to my students involved but as you can understand as much time as possible is needed.


Anonymous said...

Hia I ame here via Barbara (Woof Nanny)and I see you're up for the purse challange too. I've found some linens but can't think of the right idea for them ...yet.

I'm in the UK too. Loved your tree ornies.

Nan said...

I'm so glad you found Barbara's purse project blog, she has been saying the interest is wanning and she might drop the blog, I hope that doesn't happen. I would make a bag for the next challenge except for the fact that I have no old linens! The closet thing I have is one dresser scarf that my sister embroidered for me, but I wouldn't want to use that, since it's too special to me. I look forward to seeing the completed project you create for this challenge as well as the finished project for the purse swap!

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