Friday, 26 October 2007

Quilt progress and Half-term joys..

While many areas are coming to the end of their half-term we in Cornwall are just starting our holiday. I am so tired that I am fit to drop, but just before I do I thought I would fit in a post. I am delighted (and relieved) that the quilt is pretty much finished but I found a stubborn corner on the binding and I want to improve it. It is only a couple of centimetres, but we have our pride don't we?

I have some fabrice left over so I think that I will make a matching cushion. Not quite enough to make any pillow cases. I am really pleased with my first large scale quilt. I was worried to start with but Kirsty says that it is exactly what she wanted. So can not get better than that. Sophie has now said that she would like a quilt. She has a wooden junior bed so perhaps I had better meet this request before she goes up to a adult single size!!
I have been adding a few items to my ebay (ID is Andream 7813) mainly old stitch mags.(shown: 1999 issue No.54)

I will be adding some new items such as piping cord, silver sequin waste which is ideal for cards, blank cards, cotton lace and some other items, so please come back later to have a look as I will have a few pictures here as well as on Ebay. Not sure if I can do a link directly but I shall have a look to see.
I will also put on my first simple tutorial this week as I can take better pictures during the day. Simple for me as I have not blogged one before!
It is nearly 9pm and I want to cut out the cushion before my eyes start going. If you have found this blog could you leave a comment to let me know that you are out there, I would really appreciate it!
Must go I can hear my scissors calling!
PS Ballet lesson number 3 tomorrow, I feel a ballet set purchase taking place this week as the pink skirt and T-shirt is not going to cut it many more weeks!

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