Monday, 29 October 2007

Finished at last...

It is offical, the quilt and matching cushion is now finished. The first large scale quilt that I have ever made. It has gone together better than I expected and the cushion is an added bonus. I really hope that Kirsty will be pleased with it. There will be a grand handing over ceremony at work next week.

We have had a busy weekend. A very successful ballet lesson which, as I predicted, has resulted in two purchases on Ebay for ballet wear and watching several other items. We have two weeks until the next lesson so plenty of time to get fully kitted out.

That was the highlight because from then on my husband felt rough with a cold and Sophie was sick twice. Excellent holiday so far. Today we are about to go to the Dentist again because Sophie fell over at school, hit her face on the classroom carpet and now one of her front teeth is going black. So the trend for the rest of the week seems to be taking shape.

To lighten the mood I thought that you might like to see what I have put together so far for my next U-handbag November entry using an Amy Butler Pattern.
Bright eh?....Oh yes, and should help to brighten up those dark evenings now that the clocks have changed.
I have been wanting to use the braid for some time, I can not even remember where I bought it from. It was one of those' I like that and it will come in useful sometime' purchases. Ever been in that position? I will need to get my skates on as the deadline is the 5th November. As for the Pincushion challenge entry? Well that is still a pile of bits with two days to go, not looking good is it? Oh and I have not forgotton about the tutorial.
See you tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Glad the ballet finally went well. Quilt looks great, sure that your friend will love it. Did you follow a pattern of just took the measurements and went from there?


picciolo said...

Hi, I love your quilt and cushion, they are gorgeous! I'm glad my advice worked, I wasn't sure if it made any sense! I'm looking forward to seeing how your U-handbag entry turns out,
: )

Nan said...

The quilt really is lovely and the colors and fabric are so nice together, I can't believe I didn't post a comment on this oen before now!

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