Friday, 21 September 2007

Weekend Plans

It's FRIDAY....
This week has gone very quickly but my feet are saying that it was hard-going. Anyway the weekend is upon us and there are things to look forward to. My daughter's friend Bella is coming to visit and hopefully both girls will be playing in my daughter's play house while I and Bella's mum sit down for a good gossip and tea.

The house was fun to build and quick to paint. The instructions said to nail it together, but we decided to use screws so that it can be taken apart if needed.
Inside are hand-made curtains and some cheap carpet tiles from B & Q. Very snug and fairly water tight. (We shall see in the coming months).

On the sewing front I have started a quilt (for Bella's mum), well no that is not completely true as I started it ages ago but we have been trying to find a certain colour for the border and we have now given up! However I think I prefer the new choice. Will post photos later as I want to use natural light.

Thought I might start a 'Tip of the Week' section on the left somewhere for sewers, knitters etc as things often crop up I could share. I you have a tip that I could include then leave in the comments then I will transfer it with your first name if you wish.

Right, better do some more of the quilt ready for Sunday.

Have a good weekend everyone.

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