Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Quilt continued....

Still not able to mix text with photos. May have to ask blogger what to do next. Anyway, wanted to show quilt with lillac strip. I have actually started to sew it together but a photo in natural light is needed so will post later.
This weekend a fellow stitching friend and I are off to Exeter for the Creative Stitches Exhibition.
To be truthful we do not need to buy anything but it is the day out, wandering around and a gossip which is appealing. Every year I say that I will not buy anything. Well, we shall see.
I would really like to show how I tackle a few stitching projects in pictures but if the text/photo issue does not get sorted out then it will be a bit tricky. So if anyone has any suggestions?
U-handbag deadline was today so i am going to keep my fingers crossed. Will let you now the outcome.
Bye for now.

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