Monday, 27 March 2017

OPAM March: A finish at last!

 May seem like a daft crochet make but needs must!  Elbow crutches were issued ages ago but 2weeks ago today I under went a total left hip replacement and needed these blasted things to actually get around.
However, elbow crutches + sore hands = desperate crochet project.
So 2 evenings ago I grabbed a small ball of thick wool, not even sure where this came from, and just made up these two covers.  Underneath I have added some spare wadding  wrapped round and round.  The crochet covers are nicer on the hands and to look at.

I do have three other "nearly there" projects and even though I have been off work for two weeks I am only just feeling up to doing anything. I seem to have slept for most of the first week.
 We did venture out for a Mothhers Day Lunch (in the UK) and the pudding was scrummy.  It all was and we were sat by the window over looking Carlyon Bay in  Cornwall.

Sophie bought me a book as a gift so this will be started this afternoon as well.  Got so much time on my hands I want to use it wisely over the coming weeks.
Anyway, I have finally got OPAM off the ground  in my little sewing room.  Next is a bag and a blanket.

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Indigo Blue said...

I have sooooo nearly finished my second make. Going to keep going and post it later today......hopefully fingers crossed.

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