Monday, 8 August 2016

OPAM June and July and a little bit of August 2016

I have been busy trying to complete items and make new ones but not so good in actually blogging about them.  Workshop dates and the end of the school year does play havoc with the memory and time so here I shall post what I made during those two months.
My first make in June was this crochet bag but I wanted to move away from the Granny stitch which I have used rather a lot.
It was going to be cushion, but after putting shall it be a bag or a cushion question on my FB page everyone said a bag so I added some handles and lining.
The other side is good old Granny stitch.

I then decided that I wanted to celebrate the 10th anniversary in my current classroom with a splash of colour and make a set of bunting for the new school year.
Some of the fabric is from my fat quarter collection and much of it is left overs from other projects or given to me over the years.  I put it up in the first week of the holidays ready for next term then thought...............yep I need another set!


A friends birthday who is a Marvel fan so a handmade card to start off.

Handmade pencil or gadget case.  Sorry can not swing photo round.
Handmade removable journal cover to use at meetings etc.  She loved them which is why I like making gifts when possible.

For Sophie I recycled a pair of out-grown PJ trousers to make some shoe bags for our holiday this year.  While I was making these Sophie was altering some jeans to shorts.  She also took these on a school trip to Spain.  I made 4 bags in total.
Sophie's trousers to shorts.
Finally for July is my second batch of bunting which only took two sittings unlike the 4 weeks for the first set.  The day job really does get in the way!

AUGUST:   so far
So... I have been visiting my SIL in Sussex this week but I did manage to get August off to a good start....

A felt strawberry purse for my Swap partner.

Using up some left over cotton crochet yarn to make a mandala doily mat.
My first basic one without following a pattern and having to work out the counting myself.
I am going to make some more for stocking fillers this year.  Yes I am starting now and I have already started a secret drawer of bits for Sophie.  Well it sneaks up on me every year.

I will try to be better at logging what i make this month but I hope that you  have enjoyed seeing what I have made over the last couple of months.
Take care

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Jo@awholeplotoflove said...

Goodness you have been busy. I love how your daughter is taking after you crafting wise, her shorts look good x

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