Friday, 17 June 2016

Been absent but busy.................Mono printing Workshop

Been busy with my teaching job and workshops since I last posted.

My first Mono printing workshop went well and there is room for improving it as there always is but the outcomes were really good.  Also had a 13 year i=old sign up as well.

All beginners and a small group meant that I could help everyone.

Included a bit of Gelli plate printing as well which is very addictive.
Love printing on brown paper too.

Been busy with other workshops this month but taking a little break as it has been full on with a full time job as well.  Wish I had the nerve to go full time with my private adult art classes but with a mortgage and the way things are at the moment.................but hopefully one day.
Have a good weekend everyone.
Do pop over to my Face book page and if you like what you see then please  LIKE the page as it does help with the number of people who can find me.  You do not have to sign up to anything.
Sew with Indigo Blue Workshops.

Best wishes

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