Monday, 16 May 2016

Blooming....all over the Garden

I promise not to bore you too much with my fixation on my apple trees, but the other two decided that they too wanted to burst into flower as well.
These apple trees grow along a fence which makes them ideal for smaller gardens.  The ones shown here are the cooking apple trees and has grown nearly along the whole of the fence!  looking gorgeous.
I am hoping for a bumper crop this year so that I can do a swap with a friend for some of her tomatoes in the weeks to come.
There, promise, no more blossom pictures until the apples are starting to grow but I have nurtured these trees for about 5 years and you do get sort of motherly about them.
What do you grow in your garden?  Really would love a veg patch, just a small one as there si only 3 of us.  What do you find quite easy to grow?
Have a good week!
Take care.

Sunday, 8 May 2016

Summer is coming............blossom is opening.

The better weather has encouraged the apple blossom to start to open up.
We need a new fence panel and post just where this fence hugging apple tree is and I have asked Hubby to put off adding it until after the blossom has done its job.
I am now on weather watch because if harsh rain or wind is on the horizon I do go outside and put up an extra large umbrella to help keep those flowers ON the trees!  Mad....I know but for the past two years it has worked!

I have three apple tress which grow along fence panels and I have always had lovely apples from them.  I am not expert and I have had to learn about this and it has been the quirky ideas that seem to have worked the best.
Watch this space for lovely apple pictures and I will watch the blossom!
Have a lovely Sunday.

Thursday, 5 May 2016

Gorgeous Sunsets

Been some gorgeous sunsets recently as the seasons are starting to change.
I love the lighter evenings and yesterday, when we got home from school, Sophie and I spent ages in the garden taking lots of photographs in the afternoon sun.  even the cat came to join us!
This week the sun has been shining down and hopefully into the weekend.  I shall be at work for some of it but I intend to be in that garden on Sunday.

Many thanks to those who have started to come back and visit this blog after being away for nearly a year.  It is appreciated.
Enjoy the rest of the week.
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