Friday, 19 February 2016

Send a little love swap

Has been a while since I blogged as I was having trouble getting my photos but I think that I have solved it now.
My swap partner was Stephanie from Calico heart and I decided to send the following:
A hand stitched felt heart with heart shaped buttons.  Long time readers will recognise this as I have made this before.
I also made loads of oil cloth purses a while back and I thought that Stephanie would like this one for perhaps car parking change etc.  You can get a set of keys in this too.
I also added a tin of chocolates, a heart shaped hard backed notebook which I thought was brilliant!  A bright red beanie hat which I could not resist when I saw it in a shop.  
Everything has arrived all safe and sound and the hat will be worn during break duty at Stephanie's school!
Tomorrow I shall post the lovely items sent to me.
Take care all.

1 comment:

Tracy said...

What wonderful gifts you sent to Stephanie, I'm glad you enjoyed the swap xx

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