Thursday, 29 January 2015

Angel Stitchery -Opam

This is an Anni Downes stitchery which is the first task for a Stitch Along to make a quilt using one of her patterns.
See HERE for more details.
I have not signed up as I already have a quilt in progress in the sewing corner which keeps glaring a me every time I walk past.  However I shall be watching and I will try and complete my own quilt.  if I do then maybe i could sign up next year.  
Anyway, the January task was to complete the above stitchery which was offered as a free pattern, which is very generous.  
This is the first example of this style of stitching and I really enjoyed making it.  I now need to decide what to make it into.  
On Saturday I am going to go and visit Coast and country sewing and see if there is a rod or something and perhaps make a small wall hanging and perhaps see if there are any more stitchery of this style while I am there.
In the end I decided to submit the following for the Monthly Challenge.
I have received some very positive feedback for my first entry which is a nice feeling.  Looking forward to the next theme.
This weekend I also need to sort out two simple cushion covers for the sofa which we bought just before Christmas.  Our previous sofa was 16 years old and was getting to the point where it was uncomfortable so we updated it.  Due to my hip, Hubby thought a decent chair 

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Monthly Challenge Group- Word of the Year 2015- HAPPINESS

For the firs time I have signed for this months challenge as I thought that the start of 2015 would be a good time to start.
The challenge is to design and make a postcard which features a word that means something for you during the year of 2015.
I have decided to pick the word
Due to various things over the past 4 years this is not a state/position/feeling that I always find myself with.
However, I have found this a little harder than I thought and I have ended up with two entries and I need to narrow it down to just one.
Option 1
 This postcard has been created using Aquacolour crayons and water.  Plus cutouts and water colour pencils with fineliner pen.  The word is added with a marker pen but I hit a lumpy section and the second "S" I think looks like a number 5?  Blast!  Does it notice too much?  I suppose it does now that I have mentioned it.
I added blue mulberry paper to the top third and pastel to show up the water colour paper.
Option B
This is also on water colour paper with paints and highlighted with a black finer liner.
The word has been created using a stamp on to painted water colour paper and then attached to the surface of the postcard.
They are both completely different and both have an organic theme to them.  I like being outside but not if it is too cold!
Brightly coloured flowers in gardens, flower shops etc always put a smile on my face then of they are scented even better.  I love Dahlias, but so do the slugs where I live, but big displays of these flowers at National Trust venues are a must for my camera.  As are roses and just about any kind of plant.  
Sissinghurst Castle is a must to visit near Cranbrook in Kent UK.
So....... which one do you think?
I need to upload my chosen entry or flip a coin by the end of the week, so any opinions would be gratefully received.
I need to get in the swing of this a bit more I think, but I do like a theme or a goal to work to.
The current Le Challenge theme is DOTS.  Still thinking about that one...................

Sunday, 25 January 2015

OPAM 2015

I have signed up for OPAM 2015 and I think this is my fourth year of being involved.  The idea is that you try and finish those UFOs lying around, maintain some motivation (that is my aim) and just being involved with a project.  I try to complete at least one item a month and some months I manage quite a bit more than that.
I was not very good at actually posting what I made on a regular basis in 2014 and this year I will try and do better on that score.  I used to do a round up at the end of the month, but I no longer use Picassa as I did  use their collage option which enabled me to put lots of pictures together otherwise the posts can be longer than anyone want to read.
I have decided to start logging my finishes straight away otherwise I shall forget or lose the pictures.
First up is a scarf made using some frilly wool.  Sophie was given a set of needles and this wool for Christmas and she made a start on it.  Then she injured her hand and asked if I could finish it for her.  She had only knitted three rows so I think this still counts.  
She loves it and has worn it to school.
Next up is...............
...some shoes bags which I have made before.  I have used a pair of  old cotton PJ bottoms to make them.  I cut off the bottom half of the leg and stitch along that cut line.  Turn the leg/bag the other way up and put drawstring through what had been the hem of the trousers. 

 There is a natural slot to put the ribbon or piping cord through using a safety pin.
I made two to use on holiday last August and never got around to making these.  Sophie now wants some so I shall have to see what I have in my recycling box which is a small selection of clothes which might not be suitable for the charity bag but could be Recycled in some other way even if it is only as dusters or car cleaning cloths.
Finally, and I can only give a little peek of this finish as the recipient has not received it yet, is my entry for the 2015 Initial Heart swap.
This months makes so far seem to be rather pinky looking, I think ?
I have made progress on my crochet blanket, firstly by unpicking everything! - changing the hook size then making them all up again but it does look better.
Need to do some work for the day job then I am going to see what time it is and maybe do a little more crochet, after the vacuuming of course!
Happy Sunday to all.

Friday, 23 January 2015

Printing Evening Class - Term 2 Intalglio

Unfortunately I missed week one due to work commitments so I only had  1 session to re-visit Intaglio printing which I really enjoyed at the beginning of term 1.  The print above I have etched onto aluminium and then etching ink is rubbed on quite thickly.  The ink is then rubbed off but at the same time rubbed into the grooves created by the etched in design (which I created using a simple etching tool from Screw fix).
Tissue paper is glued and place glue side up on the printing plate so that as it goes through the roller press the tissue paper gets pressed and stuck on to the paper and printed on top with the design at the same time.
The plate measures about A6 and we use thick Italian Fabriano paper which needs soaking in water and drying lightly before going through the press. 

I am really pleased with how this turned out and I have some more plates to try out different designs which I might be able to print at the end of the term when we will possibly have a "free" style session.
A different print without any tissue paper contrast.
Using my etching tool (basic metal scribe) I also hand etched a design on to a CD which then went through the same printing process with the Etching ink and rubbing it away carefully with tissue paper before putting it through the roller press.  After my trial prints, which I was very  happy with even the centre circle looked pretty good, I decided to take the idea further.
I then decided to try over lapping the prints to try and create a further pattern.  I did not have a very big piece of paper so the position of the circles was really determined by space rather than choice.
I think that this idea could look really interesting if it was created using several different colours.
I also like the fact that these plates can be re-used and will last a long time if I look after them.  
Next week we are going to start learning how to create wood carving for printing with.  brand new area for me and I am really not sure what images to use to I am going to go along the abstract route.  It will also be a strength test for my injured finger since it was sorted out last August.
Will let you know how I get on.
Have a good weekend.

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Monthly Challenge Group - Art Journaling

I am taking part in this group.  
It is part of the Jenniebellie "Inspiration Station Art Journaling group found HERE.
The challenge for January is
Word of the Year Postcard.

I have my word,  still working on the postcard.
Let you kn ow what is looks like soon.
Take care

Monday, 19 January 2015

Doodle Blot to Art Journal

You may remember that I created this ink blot back in December HERE.
 Then with a sharpie pen I added some Doodles.
Which resulted in the above drawing.
Well after that I was not really sure what else to do with it so it has been sitting in a plastic wallet in the sewing room.
Then I decided to throw caution to the wind and just "Do" something with it.
I Gessoed some pages and them added spirals and other simple details taken from the background of the initial drawing.  I used a white pastel and purple and lilac watercolour paints over the top.
I then ripped out the drawing to form a jagged edge and added ink to the very edges of it using more purple coloured ink.
Once it was stuck down with Tacky Glue I started to add some more details to the background using these.....
The inktense pencils are not quite the colour I was expecting from the pencil cover so I advise you try it out in a scrap piece of paper before adding to work, just to be sure.
I am quite pleased with how it turned out considering it was a piece of scrap paper used to protect the table beneath.  I am not sure if it needs a little something else adding to it, but because I am not entirely sure what that something else is I think that perhaps for now I shall leave it as it is.
Have a good week.

Saturday, 17 January 2015

Crochet Project Progress

Due to several late nigths at work this week and three new projects to start, progress on my crochet blanket has been rather slow this week.
However, i do have a little bit to show you.  I donot actually mind sewing in the ends and I find it a challenge tomake it as neat as I can.  the other night I could not see which was the right side but I dare say this keenes will change as time goes on.
I have not set a deadline for this as this puts pressure on to get it done and it is meant to be fun afterall.
I looked on You tube and Attic 24 to find a good quick way to add as I go along and i found one whereby you crochet the squares together and I managed to get it pretty flat on both sides.  So I can tell the difference I am going to leave some threads not sewn in until the very end.
It looks a bit wobbly here but not in real life, I think I was rushing to take a picture here.  I have been into work today to run a GCSE workshop and then worked on when I got home until 5.30pm.  So I think that I have earned the right to call it a day for the rest of the weekend.  So I shall make some more squares and I need to work on my Initial Heart swap entry too.  
Hope you are having a good if rather chilly weekend.  If you have time you might like to take a look at 
Share a Pattern.  It is a website where knitting and crochet patterns are shared.
Take care

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Crochet Project Started!!!! At Last.

I have been a regular visitor to Attic 24 for some time and over the summer holidays I thought I really would like to be able to have the fire (gas) on and do some wool related project.  I made a knitted square blanket with each square using a different stitch when the magazine series The Art of Knitting was out.  quite frankly it put me off ever making any ever again.
So after several days thought I ordered from the Wool Warehouse the Attic 24 style craft special DK colour pack with 17colours in it.
The above is an example of what I am hoping to make.
This is from PaisleyJade blogspot and she made it for her husband.
I intended on getting through the Autumn term with this project but due to so much going on I never got to start it.  so my Autumn project has now become my Spring project.
I tried out a test square using a 5.5mm hook which is may favourite but it seems a little too loose so that is now a coaster by my sewing machine.
I then produced another square using a 5.0mm and I think (hope) that will be ok.
Using my Granny crochet square bag and Goolge for colour inspiration I have decided to have 5 colour rows and then a 6th row in Black.  I am going to need more black yarn!
So after some marking I decided to sit down and make my first square.  Took ages as I got the colours to to added and tried to make it as even as possible.  I am sure I will get quicker as I go along.  I have watched several Youtube videos on how to add them all together and I think I shall throw caution to the wind and join them as I go along.  
How big is this going to be?
Have not got a clue at this point I shall see how it develops.  I have quite a few colours and each ball is 100g so lots of hooky time to go.  I am going to try and aim for at lest a square a night during the week.  Weekends I have swap items to do which need natural daylight really plus a quilt top that is still glaring at me 3 years down the line!
Have you started a new project?
Put a link in the comment box and let others come and see it.

Monday, 12 January 2015

De-stashing In Janaury

Just as the title suggests I am having a sort out in my sewing room and adding them to my website HERE under the title of De-stash.
It takes time to add them of course and it will include some fat quarters that have never even been unfolded!
Currently added are the following.
2 Brass embossing plates to use with an embossing tool.
To be listed are the following:
Sequin waste which is ideal for card making or art journaling including stencilling with.
There is also a blue version of this plus other designs.
I shall also offer a multi-buy on the fabric as well.
So keep a look out and without saying it too often I will announce any updates in the right hand margin of this blog.
If you have any questions about my De-stashing then please email me.  No obligation to buy.
If you would like to buy something but do not like using the Internet then get in touch we might be able to sort something out.  I used to accept cheques when I sold through Ebay and I then sent the items once the cheque had cleared.  I do not accept e-cheques however as I have had too many problems with those.  Are they still used even, not sure?
Have a good week and take care!

Saturday, 10 January 2015

The Pledge and Initial Heart Swap 2015

I Indigo BLue will try my utmost...
·        To always swap on time.
·        To always email a THANK YOU to my partner.
·        To be considerate and thoughtful when choosing a gift.
·        To give my partner the quality of gift that I would like to receive.
·        To communicate when it’s required.
·        To NEVER over commit and let a partner down.
·        To advise the swap mama when I receive my gift.

This I sewomly pledge....

This year I have signed up for the above swap.  I have already made a start and bought a couple of items to pop in the parcel today.  
Hope you all have had a good week even if it was not very good weather.
Off to do some work on the swap item and work out my tension sample for my new crochet blanket.
Take care all

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

ATC's - Postage Stamps

I have had these ATC's pictures for a few months of ATC cards which were sent to me as part of the Postage Stamp Swap ATC swap in October from Victoria in the USA..
Three cards each with the theme of Postage stamps from post sent in the USA. grouped together on top of text.
I saved stamps for several weeks in advance before making and sending my stamps.  Pity that it was only about a week later that the UK Christmas stamps came out, never mind.
The third has a layout for sending an item that would need a stamp.
Victoria  also kindly sent me some bits and pieces that I could use for future ATC's or I might use them in my Fauxdori Sketchbook.
 Plus vintage style ephemera.
Also some rub ons and a bit of bling.
Many thanks Victoria and I have added your ATC cards to my special storage folder.

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