Sunday, 28 June 2015

1:1 Home Sewing Tuition

 Yesterday I had my first 1:1 Hand Sewing Home tuition session with a lovely little girl called Jess.
Jess has got a little prior experience but wants to have some proper lessons and project ideas that will help her to learn and takcle some little ideas on her own.

I decided that the felt keyring or bag charm would be a good place to start and I also left enough materials for her tomake another one on her own after I had left!
She was as bright as a button and had no porblem threading and knotting the thread.....way better than someof my year 7 students and Jess is in year 4!!
Parents and jess are very keen for future sessions so I hope to help this young lady for some time to come.
Brilliant way to start the weekend.
Home tuition was not something I had comnsidered but i think I will, including GCSE practical work and theory papers.  Will need to add that to my website and 
Facebook pages: Indigo blue textiles and workshops.
Pop over and tsake a look.
have a good week.

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Mdm Samm said...

regarding facebook, I get far more traffic from my blog than anything best of luck with FB...I am not a big fan of it..way to much mail for but I love that you commented because now I know you are here...wish you were in Canada..

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