Thursday, 14 May 2015

Spring is sprung....well almost

My pansies just keep growing........... and the slugs are no where to be seen Hurrah!  I have three little pots which Sophie put together for me.
This hanging basket is over a year old and has not stopped blooming...all the way through winter as well.  I have not got a clue why or how it has managed this but thank you garden centre for selling me a plant that I can not kill!!
Cheerful little Forget-me-Knots.
I love dandelions at this stage, so delicate.
My clematis is in full boom and going berserk.  Last year it did nothing so this is a bit of a build up.
Another Sophie creation.  She is getting quite good at this gardening lark!
There is more that is starting to "Spring " in to life but more on that later on.
The garden is finally getting there, just a few more cut flowers and bright colours, after 15 years of trying I have managed to work out exactly what I can and can not grow.
Take care all.

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