Saturday, 9 May 2015

Mixed Media and Stitch

My job had changed direction over the past two years, even more so since last September and the need to complete my A level Fine Art textiles was linked to that.
So today I thought I would show you a piece that I made as part of a project I was introducing at work.  I think we have seen enough cushions for a while!
This is a silk painted background using just blue, yellow and a little bit of green silk paint.
The theme I was putting across was abstract and a limited number of materials and technqiues.
So think water, sea, shells etc.
The centre has a piece of scrunched up paper with painted Tyvek and tissuer paper.  I did not want a perfect straight edge anywhere so at times this did mean ripping edges to gain that.
I then added free machine embroidery is certain areas and tried to centralise the whole design in the middle.
The photograph has come out a little paler than the real item as the colours are much richer than this, but the texture is very detailed and the papers contrast well with the fibres and fabric.

Some of the project and exam titles for Art textiles can be very lose and vague which can be really difficult for teenagers, so creating a piece like this just helps to visually clarify how they might generate their own ideas and outcomes.  Plus I really like doing it!
I am going to put this on Facebook as I have joined an Art textiles group on there and a picture I posted last week suddenly got 68 likes which is a much bigger response than I get on my blog.
Sadly I can see why blogging is falling out of favour.
I am in the process of working on a couple of projects but nothing is ready to post here at the moment but I shall be looking more to how my garden is progressing as it  to wake up and meet summer as it slowly starts to arrive here in Cornwall.
Hope you all have a good weekend.
PS:  Lots of interest in my first Sewing Class so I shall bring news on that over the coming weeks and hopefully some photos too.  Really excited with how it might develope.

Facebook:  Indigo Blue -Textiles

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Indigo Blue said...

This is only in a card frame so I think it is time to up grade it.

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