Saturday, 4 April 2015

Wizard of Oz - WIP Costume Alterations

When I go back to work I think things are going to get a little bit manic.  First day back is day one of my year 11 GCSE Art Textiles exam (the next is on the Thursday of that week) and the costumes for the school production need collecting, altering, checking and listing on my running rail which I used to have my clothes on when I was at college but is now my wardrobe department rail.

Above is a costume that we are borrowing and I am going to have to raise the hemline and it is too long but I shall only tack it so that it can be let down again before we give it back.  I do have permission to do this and it will save me a lot of time.  I am going to make a little net underskirt as it is a little straight up and down and it could do with a bit of definition if you are sat at the back of the audience.
The girls wearing the two Dorothy outfits are providing some of the other bits as well which is making it easier and fun for them too.

My Wizard scarf is coming along nicely and I am going to have to decide when to stop.  I had plenty of wool in the end and might even had some left over.  Quite a nice activity to do in the evening as well.
There is a fancy dress shop locally which has been a great help and last weekend I went and collected two lion outfits.  One  of them I will need to take the head off and the other I need to reduce from an adult size down to a  child!!!!!!!!!!  Not exactly sure how I am going to get away with that but we shall see.  I shall post more costumes here as they are completed and any ideas that I come up with.  I am now on the look out for a wand and crown idea for a 14 year old student to wear.  She has found a dress on Ebay during the holidays and it is ideal.  The students taking part have been great getting involved with this side of things.  I also have half of the Tin Man outfit done I just need to make the jacket and trousers and I was given the idea of using silver ironing board protectors which ASDA sell quite cheaply, plus I have a costume to model it on but is not the right size.
I am using extractor tubing for the arms which is very lightweight and fits both boys playing that part and we have already added Hammerite paint to a bright red funnel for Tin Man to wear and Sophie has made a felt heart with a clock face for the Wizard to give the Tin Man.
  It should look really good in the end but you now what it is like, at the moment we have bits of every main characters costume done but not one is fully finished yet.  As for Munchkins I think they are getting most for the costumes themselves, with the boys wearing ties and waistcoats if they have them and the girls wearing dresses.
It is all good fun.
I have already been told what next years production will be..................
A Midsummer Night's Dream
Thank fully I did this years ago and can still remember what we did and can adapt it all to bring it up to date.
My poor machine will need a service before we start that, I think.
Happy Easter!

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