Saturday, 11 April 2015

Patchwork Cushion - Le Challenge & Opam April

The April theme for Le Challenge this time around is Tradition.  I have not entered for several months as I have been a little side tracked with my printing evening class but seeing as it is the Easter holidays a little more free time has come my way.
So above is a sample of patchwork which I am really pleased with and was part of my City and Guilds course some time ago.  I have never really known for sure what to do with it.  I posted a picture of it on Instagram and JanesFabrics came back  saying the centre of a cushion panel.  
So on Thursday evening after dinner I did a rare thing of going to the sewing room and actually staying there for three hours!!!
Here is the result of my efforts.
The patchwork in the middle did in fact have raw edges as it was intended as a sample to show skill and understanding and not to be made into anything, so solving this took much of the time.  In the end a long piece of homemade bias sorted that out.  I then used a large log cabin square left over from another project which I cut in half for the two back pieces.  That just left the front which I added to the sample by using up matching shades of blue strips left over from making my blue and white quilt.
So two half finished projects and a bag of scraps were used to finish this off.
This is now sat in my chair which is also blue.  Much better now that it is being used rather than sitting in a box unfinished and I like the Tradition of patchwork designs.
What traditional skills and techniques to you like to create or have in your home?


Joanne Wilson said...

Oh yes definitely better made into a cushion than left in a box. Your lovely make can be admired that way x

✾Jamie Lee Cooley✾ said...

Looks great! I like the layered look of the patchwork. And I agree, it's much more useful as a cushion than in a box:)

Vera said...

It is beautiful! It is on my list as well :)

Lucy @ Charm About You said...

Beautiful!! I have a tutorial bookmarked for making one of those and really want to try it at some point! Great way to incorporate it into a cushion. Thanks for linking to le challenge :)

Nat at Made in Home said...

It is fabulous - I always wanted to make one, but I always wondered what to do actually with it! thanks for sharing on le challenge!

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