Tuesday, 21 April 2015

New Beginnings - My Creative Workshop/classes

My Facebook Banner
After many years of being asked if I ran evening classes or workshops I have decided to organise and run some in my local area.  I have taken the step (I hope I will not regret it) to set up a Facebook page to advertise and promote these classes.
I am not asking you to sign up (date not arranged yet anyway) just your support.
If you have a Facebook page and you are willing to,  pop over and just "like" my little business page to get it off the ground a little. Hubby has popped over, without being asked - bless him-  and my Print evening class friend.
I can be found at
Indigo-Blue Designs -Textiles 

You will see my blue flower logo and the top picture in this post.  I am not going to put my face on that page as I am a teacher and I  want to try my best to keep it a little separate from my day job.  If you sign up then you get to see me in person anyway!
I am also going to add details on my Website as well.
Where this will go I have no idea, I want  it will be fun as I have always enjoyed attending workshops, classes and evening courses myself.  I would like to be able to use my many years teaching experience in a different way and with a different age range.  I in turn will learn lots as well.

I have been asked to run a beginners class in the use of the sewing machine.  Might seem a bit basic but this is how I started in terms if being taught how to use one as the instruction books are ok and have some diagrams but it is knowing what to do if something goes wrong.  Bit like learning how to use a computer or set up a blog etc.
I have it all planned............I even have a date in mind...............just waiting on someone else.
I hope to offer other classes as well and to start things off I have enquired about renting my own classroom at a reasonable price.
When I know what is happening I will post it here and set up a spot in my side bar for those you do not have a Facebook page.

I understand it will take time and that there are likely to be issues along the way but at the same time it is quite exciting.

If you could have any class what would you like to learn or have help with.
Pop your suggestions in the comment box as your opinion is very useful as I have already found out whilst talking to my friends and family.
Have a good week and lets hope the sun keeps shining for a little longer.
Thank you Peg for the above image.


Indigo Blue said...

Also featured on Facbook.

Lynne said...

Very happy to give your page a 'like' Jane. And hope your workshops take off and go well. I did umpteenworkshops in the past, all over Norfolk - village hall, Quilting and Embroiderers' Guilds, shops and so on, and really enjoyed the buzz. I'm more than happy to have given all that up now, but then I am a tad older than you! Keep it up!! Lx

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