Thursday, 30 April 2015

Heart Applique Cushion - OPAM April -Update

I did not realsie just how much blue fabric bits I have.  I really need to change direction with my choice of colours.
This is a heart applique block left over from making my blue and white quilt back in.........not sure will have to look it up.  2009 perhaps?
Anyway....... now that I am back with my sewing group after a 2 year sabbatical with my evening classes, I have been pulloing out some WIP's and bits and peices that ned sorting out.

I really enjoy applique and my beloved Husquvarna  has always made an excellent applique stitch.
The block on its own was not a size suitable for a  cushion pad so I added a couple of rows of blue and gingham fabric.  By adding a thin layer of wadding behind it I then quilted the pnale a little to give it some strength when the cushion pad is inside it.
I bought some blue and whote gingham  while back which is 100% cotton and comes from France.  Lovely fabric and wears well too.  This was to be the back panels.  No zips on this cushions just a deep and generus flap opening at the back.
Yesterday I attended my sewing group ( I did not realise just how much I have missed those meetings until last week)and managed to fully complete it.  I have decided to give it to my friend for her birthday in June and she loves blue and white and this is pretty darn close.
I like a good bit of satin stitch on those applique shapes.
I do not have a cushion pad as yet, there seems to be a bit of shortage of 14" cushion pads at the moment.
Another WIP sorted and completed.
I then start another block for my quilt.  I will try and take some photos over the weekend, weather permitting.
Take care all
Finally found the ideal cushion pad sonow completly finished.


Chookyblue...... said...

the cushion is lovely..........

Jo@awholeplotoflove said...

I'm sure your friend will love it, it's a lovely gift x

Anonymous said...

That's really lovely. You have very lucky friends. X
P.S. check the comment you left on my blog. :-D

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