Saturday, 14 March 2015

Handmade Cards - Mothers Day

I have been busy putting together some Mothers Day cards as well as sending one to my own Mum.
I made and sold quite a few Valentines cards last month so decided to make a few for this occasion as well.
I only make one of each kind so they really are unique.  The materials that I use vary a lot depending on what i have or buy to make them.
This one is made in felt and I embossed the card itself using a plate and my Bigshot.  There is also some hand stitching on it as well.

Sunflowers are always a nice choice if Daffodils are not your thing and I liked this velum, which came as part of a mini book.  Putting it on the white background makes it really show up.
Layering images such as this one if fun to make but you just need to make sure that you  are not going to fall foul of having it put through the dreaded plastic size gauge at the post office, because if it does not fit through you will end up paying more for postage!  This is why I do not go in for all these over the top cards.
Perhaps roses?  Again, a layered design.
Some Lillies added to this version.
This is Sophie's favourite card.  I hand punched out all of the flowers and added the stems etc.
I developed the above idea to create this version next.
Finally, another rose offering.
I really enjoyed making these and several are now on their way to new owners.  Looking in the shops today at the cost of the cards and the sorts of images on the front, I much prefer mine and I hope that my Mum does too.  Can you  guess which one I sent her?  It was a joint decision by us all.
Next year I think I shall list some on my website, to include the postage, and I still reckon they will be better than supermarket versions.   
Have a lovely day tomorrow, both Mums and families and I hope the weather is as good as it has been today.  Spring is in the air and it did not get dark until about 6.30pm today.
The clocks turn soon!
Take care and have a good weekend.
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Annie Cholewa said...

Gosh, these must have taken ages to do. Happy Mother's Day to all the Mums!

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