Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Easter Is Nearly Here!

I have been adding some more items to my Web shop here
I have also started to link some of the FREE templates and ideas to the section featured at the top of this blog.  
I am also in the process of converting the numerous projects and ideas that I have built up over the past two decades in to PDF templates or much bigger patterms which will also be on my website.
However, the new EU Vat laws will mean that I will need to email the pattern to you rather than having an instant download.
A). I can no longer do that without having to register as VAT.
B) this will add to the cost of selling the PDF which is not want I want to do at all.
C) to avoid getting in to bother I will manually email the PDF to the email that you send me.  Seeing as I do not go to bed much before midnight I think that I can cater for most time zones.!

I have also added a link to my new Instagram site which I have now fathomed out how to use.
Some great images on there.  

Anyway, do pop over to my web shop and take a quick look and see if their is anything suitable for a friend or close relative.
Have a good week.

1 comment:

Indigo Blue said...

I made some of these for Sophie several yers ago and they get taken out each Easter weekend for our breakfast. They do brighten up the table. Add a vase of daffodils and it sets the day off to a good start.

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