Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Create a little Patterning

There is a blog post by the lovely Jennibellie whereby she used recycled wall paper designs to create a gorgeous art journal page.
This has been on the back burner for me for ages as I have tried to find some papers that I could really be inspired with.
Eventually I found this Decoupage tissue paper in an art shop that my daughter asked to visit.
Armed with my favourite set of stackable water colours I set to work.
I cut out some of the shapes from the tissue paper and glued them on to the journal pages in different positions.  Then using a pencil I extended the design and shapes to fill the pages.
At this stage I have started to added colour to the background in light blue and then to the drawn shapes.  I thought that I would use other media but to be honest I just enjoyed selecting the different colours in paint and  the whole idea of this Art Journal is to relax, switch off and bit and have just enjoy making the pages.

I love this set of little paints, the colours suit the tissue paper designs perfectly.
This is at about the half way stage  and I wanted to try and include a few other colours such as orange into the patterns.
Some red crept in there as well along with some white using a paint pen as my white acrylic has dried up!
I had a lot of fun creating this page and I thank Jennibellie for giving me the inspiration to come  up with these pages.
Give it a try, see what patterned paper you might have and see where it takes you.

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