Sunday, 1 February 2015

Tutorial - Painted Fabric Heart

I have made several of these fabric hearts using different fabrics etc.  Last week my textiles and craft group painted cotton fabric which we then needed to leave to dry.  This week we spent our session sewing them together on the sewing machine.  Here is how I made mine.
I have a template which I shall try and add to the template section at the top of this blog to print out.
We used a range of ready mix paint or poster paint to decorate the fabric.  We decided not to use fabric paint as it can be a bit too thick and seeing as we were not washig this item we went for the easier and cheaper option.
After it had dried I decided to add a design (which is optional) using a Sharpie pen.
This is a flower shape that I have used many times over the years.  In particular for a range of silk scarves that I made whilst still at college.  The students decided not to as they felt they might cover up their fabric print designs which was fair enough as several had used printing blocks, whereas my fabric was more sploggy!
I then cut two lengths of ribbon approx 15cm.  You could use tape, piping cord etc whatever you have really but you need to able to get a sewing machine over it.
Take the ribbon and pin at one of the points with the ribbon facing towards the centre of the triangle.  Put the second piece of ribbon at the opposite point.
Take the second piece of painted fabric and place rights side together over the first piece.  Sandwich the ribbon between.
Remember to keep and opening along the top edge for turning and adding stuffing.  Put pins around the outside of the triangle, pinning both layers together.  Keep an ey on where the ribbon is on the inside so that it is not accidently stitched in to the side seam as you go round the edge with the sewing machine.
Thread up a sewing machine (can be hand stitched if prefered) in matching thread and then sewing from one side of the opening around the edge to the other side of the opening.  I kept my machine foot on the edge of the fabric to keep an even seam allowance.
Trim the threads and carefully turn the triangle around the right way, make sure to pull the ribbon out at the points.
To get a good shape stuff the triangle really well and pin the top opening shut.
You can then either slip stitch the opening closed or push the stuffing back and use the sewing machine carefully.
Then by tying the ribbon the triangle will change to give a heart like shape.
This idea was passed on to me by a friend but I changed the shape and scale of the triangle to give a fuller shape that resembled a heart and was easier to stuff in the points, so there may well be other tutorials with a simialar idea out there in the interent.
I have created versions by quilting the fabric first then stitching together.  I have also used felt, silk and recycled jumpers.
So there is time to make one for Valetines day.

If you do make up your own then please leave a link in the comment box and we shall all pop over and take a look and say hello.
The students hearts were brilliant and they only took two sessions due to drying time, so quite a quick project and they all went home very happy!
Have a good week.


Ali said...

I love the idea of drawing on fabric. Your flower designs always look so lovely. Thanks for the wonderful tutorial. I think you're ingenious coming up with the heart design.
Ali xx

Indigo Blue said...

Should I have painted the flowers more?

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

That is amazing ...

Mouse Cottage Crafts said...

Hi mum
Like the fabric heart!!!
From Sophie

Wendy said...

This is very lovely! I have used sharpies on fabric but not this I will have to try these as well.

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