Monday, 16 February 2015

posting with a Samsung Tablet

I have a small Samsung t
ablet which came with my phone last summer.  Has anyone tried putting posts on to blogger using one.  It is a handy little size for travelling with put but I  have found that most of the functions that the chap in the shop said it would do the tablet does not like doing.  Forget about any to and fro of documents, files, or anything useful. It will not open any text files as I thought I could use it for some work related items without taking a large bag on the train.  Excellent for reading an ibook and YouTube but that is about it.  I am trying it out with this post but I  can't  actually see what I am typing due to the keyblard taking up most of the visual space.  I can not upload any pics either Any advice would be great and I shall  head over to  YouTube and  see if there  are any  clues  there.
Would be nice to use it more.
I shall have another quick try with a picture.   Here goes. .....
Well this has appeared  but I had to take the picture with the camera and upload directly rather than going via my photo library and I can rotate it. A bit of progress though.   I shall explain what the picture is later today with another post.
I shall try another ......
A level sample.
Yippee!   It must be the power of bloggers reading this.  This is from the images section On my tablet.
Last time to try and get one from the photo album.....

Okay,  now I feel an idiot... honestly I have been trying to get posts with pictures on my blog using this mini tablet for ages.  It has a spell check on here as well which I like.
I have just downloaded photo editor which might give me more options.
I am now going to post this and see how it looks on my laptop.
Sophie and I are off on a little trip later this week, hence the reason for wanting to take the Samsung galaxy and not my laptop.
ready, steady, post.......has it worked?  
Off to check. Back later with a more crafty offering.


Joanne Wilson said...

I've inherited my youngest sons ipad as he doesn't use it. I've often thought about using it for blogging with but I always suspected it would be a little harder!

Ali said...

I have a kindle fire and like you struggled to get photos to load. But hooray your post is here, so well done. Thanks for the invite to JenniBellie. I am considering it. I have joined a few of her groups but not created anything yet. Hope you and Sophie have a lovely week.
Ali xx

Indigo Blue said...

I think I have managed to,work out how to use the pictures on my Samsung tab and very nearly got a video too. But not quite, but almost.

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