Saturday, 14 February 2015

Happy Valentines and Paper Heart chain.

For the past 25 odd years hubby and I have always given something on Valentines Day.  When were students it might be swapping one of his nice shirts (which had shrunk in the wash) for soemthing I had made for him.
Flash forward and we still sometimes do the above  but this year I had an idea and so did he.
So this morning these came out of the garage and he was lucky that I had not gone in their last night as the tumble dryer is in the garage!
Lovely aren't they?
I am not a flower arranger at all but I think I did an acceptable job using my posh Ikea vase!
I still love those kitchen tiles. beloved handbag which I bought in Florence Italy some years ago has a strap which is about to break in the worst place possible as I can not fix it but I saw this one.................
and Hubby suggested that he would give this to me.  So I ordered and paid for it on the internet and it was not until I had pressed SEND that I realised Ihad bought my own gift but that has since beensorted out.  Well we have ben married for 16 years so not everything has to be a completed surprise as I was not expecting the flowers.
Cute card which I think are hard to find in shops.
Several weeks ago Sophie and I had a card making session and I made Hubby's card.
I used a Borther E-Touch embroidery  gadget (noe obselete) and watercolour paints.
I decided to go for a blue theme this year.
I took some cards in to work this year and sold quite a few and I might use that to buy some printing ink but more on that another time.
I also found on Amazon anothe Guy Martin book and hubby has enjoyed two previous books by this chap.
I had a quick look through it before I wrapped it up and it looks pretty good.  Hubby likes that sort of thing.
Sophie has had a friend to sleepover and we have just taken her home.  It is Fajita's for tea then some time on the crochet blanket and tweaking of the website in time for Mother's Day.
Paper Heart Chain Tutorial
I made some of these with my textiles group as couple of sessions ago and Sophie showed her friend how to make these chains.  They are nothing new and I found the idea on the internet so I will not take the credit but I will add them to the Special Ocassion section at the top of this blog.
Hope you have all had a great day!


Twiggy said...

Lovely thoughtful gifts and I love your card. Have a fab day.
twiggy x

Joanne Wilson said...

I quite often buy my won present from Mike too. Lovely flowers & cards, hope you are having a pleasant evening.

WendyCarole said...

Love your flowers and bag.
The Guy Martin book would've gone down well here too.

Ali said...

Your flowers are beautiful. I think it's best you got your own bag. I went bag shopping last week with my OH and when I asked his opinion he said 'they all look the same to me'.
The card you and Sophie made is lovely. I think it's so special receiving a card someone has made just for you.
Ali xx

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