Friday, 6 February 2015

Crochet Blanket Progress - Spring Project

After unpicking and then re doing my four first squares because I wanted to change the hook size, I did then eventually start to make some progress.
Trying to get a range of colour combinations has been fun and why is it that despite careful selection I have still managed to get several colours that have not yet been used and they are all from the same section of the colour wheel?
Sophie and I are off on a little trip at half term and due to no car (will explain nearer the time) what we can take will be limited so I have decided to crochet squares so that I can just take the black wool and add the edging whilst away.  
I really like the colours in the pack I bought and they seem to match and clash at the same time.  Not sure if that is really possible but that is how it looks to me.
I have also decided to use the join as I go method in an attenpt to complete this in a  reasonable amount of time.
Looks a little wonky but my last blanket did then it seemed to sort itself out so I shall not panic just yet.
So my Spring Project is gradually growing and I shall soon need to think about how big I actually want to make this blanket.  It will be square as my other two are rectangular and I would like this one to be completely different.
Well, another weekend if upon us and as yet we have no definite plans but a brisk walk might be an idea as I quite like it sunny and cold ( no rain!) and the fresh air will do me a power of good.  Also my website could do with some attention as I have not been able to work on it over the past few weeks.  Plus good old marking, there is a box staring at me as I type this but it will be done by Monday.
Have a good weekend whatever you decide to do and hopefully I shall be back on Sunday.


Ali said...

Your blankets coming along really well and I love how the colours are working together. I hope you've got that marking out the way so you can enjoy the rest of the weekend.
Ali xx

Indigo Blue said...

Still some marking to do but I will still have time for sewing too.

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