Friday, 23 January 2015

Printing Evening Class - Term 2 Intalglio

Unfortunately I missed week one due to work commitments so I only had  1 session to re-visit Intaglio printing which I really enjoyed at the beginning of term 1.  The print above I have etched onto aluminium and then etching ink is rubbed on quite thickly.  The ink is then rubbed off but at the same time rubbed into the grooves created by the etched in design (which I created using a simple etching tool from Screw fix).
Tissue paper is glued and place glue side up on the printing plate so that as it goes through the roller press the tissue paper gets pressed and stuck on to the paper and printed on top with the design at the same time.
The plate measures about A6 and we use thick Italian Fabriano paper which needs soaking in water and drying lightly before going through the press. 

I am really pleased with how this turned out and I have some more plates to try out different designs which I might be able to print at the end of the term when we will possibly have a "free" style session.
A different print without any tissue paper contrast.
Using my etching tool (basic metal scribe) I also hand etched a design on to a CD which then went through the same printing process with the Etching ink and rubbing it away carefully with tissue paper before putting it through the roller press.  After my trial prints, which I was very  happy with even the centre circle looked pretty good, I decided to take the idea further.
I then decided to try over lapping the prints to try and create a further pattern.  I did not have a very big piece of paper so the position of the circles was really determined by space rather than choice.
I think that this idea could look really interesting if it was created using several different colours.
I also like the fact that these plates can be re-used and will last a long time if I look after them.  
Next week we are going to start learning how to create wood carving for printing with.  brand new area for me and I am really not sure what images to use to I am going to go along the abstract route.  It will also be a strength test for my injured finger since it was sorted out last August.
Will let you know how I get on.
Have a good weekend.

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Joanne Wilson said...

That sounds so interesting! I like the sound of your class.

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