Saturday, 17 January 2015

Crochet Project Progress

Due to several late nigths at work this week and three new projects to start, progress on my crochet blanket has been rather slow this week.
However, i do have a little bit to show you.  I donot actually mind sewing in the ends and I find it a challenge tomake it as neat as I can.  the other night I could not see which was the right side but I dare say this keenes will change as time goes on.
I have not set a deadline for this as this puts pressure on to get it done and it is meant to be fun afterall.
I looked on You tube and Attic 24 to find a good quick way to add as I go along and i found one whereby you crochet the squares together and I managed to get it pretty flat on both sides.  So I can tell the difference I am going to leave some threads not sewn in until the very end.
It looks a bit wobbly here but not in real life, I think I was rushing to take a picture here.  I have been into work today to run a GCSE workshop and then worked on when I got home until 5.30pm.  So I think that I have earned the right to call it a day for the rest of the weekend.  So I shall make some more squares and I need to work on my Initial Heart swap entry too.  
Hope you are having a good if rather chilly weekend.  If you have time you might like to take a look at 
Share a Pattern.  It is a website where knitting and crochet patterns are shared.
Take care


Twiggy said...

Looking great
Twiggy x

Lynne said...

Yes, it's pretty chilly here in Norfolk, but dry and sunny so I'm not complaining! I see all my wool when I venture into the junk room that is my sewing room, adnI often think I might try another granny square or 'granny along' blanket, but not just now, other things to do!!

Joanne Wilson said...

I've given up on deadlines too, far to stressful. I would much rather some gentle crafting in the evening.

Lynn said...

It is beautiful!

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