Wednesday, 7 January 2015

ATC's - Postage Stamps

I have had these ATC's pictures for a few months of ATC cards which were sent to me as part of the Postage Stamp Swap ATC swap in October from Victoria in the USA..
Three cards each with the theme of Postage stamps from post sent in the USA. grouped together on top of text.
I saved stamps for several weeks in advance before making and sending my stamps.  Pity that it was only about a week later that the UK Christmas stamps came out, never mind.
The third has a layout for sending an item that would need a stamp.
Victoria  also kindly sent me some bits and pieces that I could use for future ATC's or I might use them in my Fauxdori Sketchbook.
 Plus vintage style ephemera.
Also some rub ons and a bit of bling.
Many thanks Victoria and I have added your ATC cards to my special storage folder.

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jackie said...

Thanks for visiting. yes, they are quite expensive, depends on how much fun I can get out of them. They dry quickly and are not too smelly. I have just joined up for a block printing class, unfortunately I am told these will not be suitable and need Screen Printing Ink, so I have to bite the bullet and invest some more.

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