Thursday, 29 January 2015

Angel Stitchery -Opam

This is an Anni Downes stitchery which is the first task for a Stitch Along to make a quilt using one of her patterns.
See HERE for more details.
I have not signed up as I already have a quilt in progress in the sewing corner which keeps glaring a me every time I walk past.  However I shall be watching and I will try and complete my own quilt.  if I do then maybe i could sign up next year.  
Anyway, the January task was to complete the above stitchery which was offered as a free pattern, which is very generous.  
This is the first example of this style of stitching and I really enjoyed making it.  I now need to decide what to make it into.  
On Saturday I am going to go and visit Coast and country sewing and see if there is a rod or something and perhaps make a small wall hanging and perhaps see if there are any more stitchery of this style while I am there.
In the end I decided to submit the following for the Monthly Challenge.
I have received some very positive feedback for my first entry which is a nice feeling.  Looking forward to the next theme.
This weekend I also need to sort out two simple cushion covers for the sofa which we bought just before Christmas.  Our previous sofa was 16 years old and was getting to the point where it was uncomfortable so we updated it.  Due to my hip, Hubby thought a decent chair 


WendyCarole said...

Love your red stitching.

Chookyblue...... said...

oh I think you should just jump in boots and all with us brave......or are you scared of the whip??? lol

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