Monday, 29 December 2014

Santa Sack Swap - I recieved from Joanne

This year I decided to sign up for the Santa Sack Swap organised by "Gone stitchin" and I thought I  would by ways a thanking Joanne ( I have already sent an email) that I would post about the lovely items that she made then another time I would post about the I items I sent off.
I hope these pictures are alright as I am struggling to find anywhere with decent light.  In the end I found myself on the attic stairs  as there is a skylight directly above and the camera seemed to like it much better.  Now we could request stocking or sack and as I do not have a sack I asked if I could have one of these.  I thought I might be able to use it at school too.
Lots and lots of handmade Yo-Yo's or Suffolk Puffs depending on which book you look at, all stitched down with a red button and added to a hessian cloth.  Finished off with s stripey cotton edging and a lovely size too.
A knitted and crochet wreath.  This really caught Sophie's eye and I could never make those leaves.  I really do need to practise my crochet more and it is stitched to a polystyrene ring.  So neatly stitched as well.  Yes Sophie really likes this so I may have to "gift" it to her. 
Hand appliqued design in an embroidery hoop.  Loved this way of displaying and now that I have seen it in the flesh I think some projects of my own will need to try out this idea.  Again very neatly stitched.
A  very detailed festive cross stitch.  I used to do a lot of this but I find my eyes are so tired in the evenings that I have trouble seeing it too well so Joanne has worked this design beautifully and the robin is such a cute chap!  Love robins, see in my side bar.
This also came in a picture frame and I thank the Post Office for its safe delivery.
This little chap is at the top of some cross grain ribbon so that Christmas cards can be hung from it.  Complete with little pegs!
Included were some candles, much needed hand cream (teaching art means i do tend to wash my hands quite a few times a day so this will be sitting by my computer at work.
A Christmassy felt mat with cute star embellishments and
 a gorgeous bundle of cotton fat quarters with which I shall make something for the spring or summer.  Maybe a bag as I do not really have a summery bag to use or perhaps something for Sophie.  Very generous to have added this to the swap, I was not expecting that.
I enjoyed this swap even though it was marred by a broken finger and swollen hand which then healed to then be operated on on August so I hope that my offerings were alright in the end.  Talk about badly timed, so perhaps I should make some items much earlier this year.......just in case!
Many thanks Joanne and I hope we can keep in touch now that the swap has come to an end.  I have also signed up for "Gone stitchin" Initial Heart Swap for Valentines day and I have had fun going through all of my books and magazines looking for inspiration and I think that i might have found something!
Take care all and keep warm.


Twiggy said...

Wow what a lot of time and thought went into those beautiful items. Thanks for sharing.

Tracy said...

I do love the yoyo tree on the sack, I took part in this swap and it was fab! I've also signed up for the heart swap too x thanks for sharing x

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Wow you were spoilt x

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