Thursday, 18 December 2014

Fauxdori Sketchbook- Art Journal - Stitch

I did miss last Sketchbook Sunday due to work and trying to get Christmas off the ground but yesterday I finally completed it.
I bought an ephemera pack  by Tim Holtz and it is titled Thrift Shop and that gave me the idea of a sewing and stitch themed page.
I started by painting the pages with paint and then added an off cut from a pattern which shows you all of the markings.  I used Decopatch glue to attach it.
I have become a great fan of Tacky glue!!  It is brilliant and I have bought some more.  In fact I had a tube for years, un-opened and I wish I had started using it before.  I found an old tape measure which is no longer accurate due to over use, and glued that down the side of my page with Tacky Glue.  I made a label look much older by following video on You tube, created by France Papillion and stitched on some scrim which I had painted and left over from my A level practical exam piece.  On top of that I added an image of a fashion mannequin.
I have some very old cotton reels and several of the labels had fallen off in my cotton reel box so I added those as well.
I then found some mini safety pins and taking an idea from an old sewing book I have I added them to some calico and a backing of painted scrim.  I also had a vintage card with thread on which is far too big for any of my sewing needles and i thought could have a new lease of life in my art journal.
Overall, I really enjoyed making these pages and I found looking for the items part of the fun. It is a similar colour to my last page so next time I must branch out and try something else.
I think perhaps something festive.
Take Care 

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Gill said...

I love this - but I have no idea what tacky glue is!

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