Friday, 5 December 2014

Fauxdori Leather Charm

When I was first researching into buying a midori planner I saw how people personalised them with little charms on the front.
I was not too keen on the beads and metal versions and I did think that they would get in the way.
In the end I asked Ray Blake over at My Life all in One Place  who made a Fauxdori for me in a gorgeous purple leather if he had any small scraps he could send me. 
The sketchbook turned up in August and the inside colour is even better than on the outside.
Whilst ordering I asked Ray that if there was any left over purple leather form cutting out my fauxdori would he mind sending me a little to make something to go the front.  Well term started and I had to put it all to one side.....until last weekend.
Sorry this picture will not go the right way.
Anyway, I cut out the flower leather using a die cutter.  The larger flower is actually a lovely camel colour leather but looks very yellowy here.  I decided to turn the leather over so that the reverse side can be seen so that it constrasted with the front cover.
A second smaller flower is cut out in the purple leather which matches the cover.  Using the hole that the die creates, I untied the elastic which holds the cover shut and slotted it through that hole to then tie another knot.  I was hoping that I would not need to use stitch or glue.
Here it is in position and I have been using it today and it does not get in the way and sits quite happily with out the need of stitching or glue.  So I could change it if I wanted to.
There are also two long cords attached to the cover and they are used as book marks.  I thought it would be nice to be able to see them more clearly if I added one of the small flowers to each of the two book marks.  At the moment they are just tied on and will hopefully stay in place, again so I can change them if I want to.
Overall I am pleased with my slight changes and wondering why it took so long!  I am grateful to Ray for sending me some scraps to enable me to personalise my Fauxdori but keep it true to the material is is made out of.
Hoping to start a new journal page over the weekend as well as some saffron buns.
Take care all.


Joanne Wilson said...

It really sets your planner off! That was a nice gesture to send you some off cuts, it really is a lovely colour.

Ali said...

Your charm really makes your fauxdori look so pretty. I like the fact you reversed the leather for a different effect. I have got my readers googling as I didn't explain what a fauxdori is.
Ali xx

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