Saturday, 22 November 2014

Santa Sack Swap is on its Way

I made the first of several trips to the Post Office today with my Santa Sack Swap parcel and it i snow on its way to North Wales.  We know who our partners are and we decide on whether we would like a stocking, sack or tote then add additional handmade items to go with it.
Joanne does visit my blog and she will be opening the main parcel and the sack which I wrapped and then forgot which one it is so someone may have to peek inside for her so make sure.  Here is a little taster.....
I hope you like them all on the Big Day Joanne and thank you for being my Swap Partner.
I am bringing back sketchbook Sunday tomorrow  so please pop back.
Take care all.


Twiggy said...

Ooo I'm sure it's full of Christmas loveliness, how exciting.
twiggy x

Twiggy said...

Hello lovely I would love to do a card swap with you. We could perhaps make it a regular thing, I love blogland and have missed it and really want to get my crafting mojo back.
So when shall we post our swaps ??
Do you want to leave me a message with your email address - I won't publish it and we can get going.
Twiggy xx

Joanne Wilson said...

I am so excited now, I cant wait for them to arrive. It seems so real now doesn't it!

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